Cultivation and care of tomatoes

Cultivation and care of tomatoes

Cultivation and care of tomatoes

We are not far from the Italians, if we talk about the love of tomatoes. After all, spaghetti with tomato paste for us have become one of your favorite dishes. Of course, there is no such dacha wherever tomatoes are grown

To grow a good harvest, you do not need to do some enormous work. And if you still buy tomatoes in the market, being afraid not to cope with the care of your own seedlings, then this article is for you.

Preparing tomato seeds for planting

Cultivation and care of tomatoes

To plant any seedlings, of course, you need seeds. They can be bought in any store for gardeners, in the markets, order online. It is best to take seeds from friends who can guarantee their germination. If there are none, then try to find feedback on a particular manufacturer, since you can often run into a poor-quality product

After the seeds are bought, you can start preparing them. It will require standard actions:

    germination test. You need to soak the seeds in a glass of water with half a teaspoon of salt dissolved in it. After some of the seeds sank to the bottom, while others remained, it became clear where the empty ones were. These are the ones that did not drown; etching. For 2 weeks before planting the seeds are put in a solution of potassium permanganate for 15 minutes. This is necessary for disinfection; for 1-2 days before planting, the seed material is placed in a solution of the nutrient to improve germination.

So, the seeds are ready. Now you need to prepare the container and the ground. The soil can be purchased (universal primer for vegetable), you can do yours: bring garden land, add humus, peat and sand to it. Mix thoroughly. The proportions are approximately 1: 1.

Planting of tomatoes on sprouts

Cultivation and care of tomatoes

It is held, as a rule, in February. You need to navigate by dates using the lunar calendar. Or, at least, never plant seedlings on a full moon and a new moon

Seeds are sown to a depth of 1.5-2 cm. After that, the soil is either gently spilled in order not to wash off the planting, or it is moistened with an atomizer. Before planting, the seeds can be germinated. This will improve germination. If conditions allow, and you have enough space, then sow the seeds immediately at a distance of 8-10 cm from each other, in order not to dive the seedlings as early as 2-3 weeks after the appearance of the seedling. If there is no such possibility, then the first picking takes place after the appearance of 2-3 real leaves, the second approximately in another 2-3 weeks

In order for seedlings to grow well and develop, the seedlings need watering as the soil dries up. It is better to use water at room temperature, which is settled. Also need at least 14 hours of good lighting. If the sun is small, then put extra lamps

Seedlings can be fertilized 2-3 times with mineral fertilizers. Tomatoes absorb them well. Also, so that in the open ground disease is less affected, seedlings can be sprayed with a solution of iodine in water (3 drops per liter).

Landing in open ground

As a rule, tomatoes are planted in late May, early June, when warm weather was established. All actions must be carried out according to the lunar calendar. Seedlings are planted at a distance of 60-70 cm from each other. Before planting, the ground needs to be dug and leveled

During the transfer of seedlings in each well, it is necessary to fill with humus. And abundantly shed water, so that the soil resembled slurry. Then you need to plant tomatoes. Further, the seedling is put in the center, and it is well covered. After that the soil is compacted

It is worth noting the fact that for tomatoes will need support, if it is tall varieties. They need to be taken care of

Now tomatoes need regular copious watering, loosening, weeding, pasyning and feeding

To water tomatoes you need from the calculation of 1 bucket of water for 2-3 shrubs. But do not allow excessive moisturizing. Watering is carried out only in the evening, otherwise the seedlings will burn in the sun. You need to loosen after each watering the next day. Weed weeds as they appear

Regularly the tomatoes are broken off by the stepson. Find them is easy. They are always located in the corners, where the lateral branches connect with the stem. It is necessary to patronize, since these processes will take away the forces of the plant, it will not bloom and yield. It is also worth noting that it is necessary to fight not only with weeds, but also with diseases and pests

The main enemy of tomatoes is the phytophthora and the Colorado beetle. Once you have seen the pest, immediately remove all parasites and treat them with preparations (“Aktara”). If signs of disease appear on seedlings or fruits, then this shrub is removed, the place where it grew is shed by potassium permanganate. You also need to have in the arsenal of funds for diseases. Top-dressing tomatoes like, and they help to achieve good harvests

Tomatoes are not fastidious to fertilizers. So you can use manure, humus, peat, chicken poultry, rotten plants, I live from the compost pit and stuff. 2-3 people are feeding. If you notice that the tomatoes after the fertilizers began to actively give greens, and the ovaries do not, then you need to pinch the bush so that it does not go to growth, you can also use preparations like “Ovary”

Such care will be enough that the tomatoes yielded a quality harvest. If you follow your plants, they are not threatened by disease, pests, or bad weather.

Cultivation and care of tomatoes