Cucumber planting in open ground

Cucumber planting in open ground

Cucumber planting in open ground

Cucumbers are one of the most popular and useful vegetable crops on our table. Cultivate them can be various methods: planting seedlings in greenhouse conditions, sowing seeds in the open ground, transferring seedlings from the greenhouse to the street. Today we will talk about how to grow a cucumber culture in the open ground

How to achieve good results from cucumbers?

Cucumber planting in open ground

To obtain a high yield of cucumbers in the open ground, certain conditions must be met. Without knowledge of some secrets, a good harvest is difficult to obtain

Cucumber is demanding for growing conditions, and if they are not followed, then do not expect high fees. We also need to follow the recommendations of the landing calendar, because it has been compiled for thousands of years and is based on the phases of the moon. Our heavenly satellite can both negatively affect all landings, and very positively

First you need to choose a place on your site, where cucumbers will be planted. It should be well illuminated by the sun and should be protected from the wind from the north side. To create a microclimate in the place of cultivation of cucumbers, it would be good to plant tall and fast-growing plants

Immediately after planting cucumbers, so that the land around them is not empty, it can be filled with plantings of early-ripening vegetables. Until the moment when the stems of the plants break up on the ground, you can harvest a radish or salad. They are good neighbors with cucumbers and give you the opportunity to use each meter wisely on the site, this is especially true for small areas

The soil for cucumber beds should be prepared from autumn. Under plowing or digging, it is necessary to make a large amount of organic fertilizers. It should be well reparted manure or compost, as well as peat. In clay and loamy soils, it is advisable to make cut straw, chaff or sawdust of trees, hardwoods

The quality and quantity of the harvest is also important because of how and how the plants are grown. If the cucumbers are grown in the usual way, spreading the whips on the ground, then the harvest in this case will be much smaller, and the quality of the fruits is worse. When the cultivation is carried out by the trellis method, the yields increase, and the quality of the cucumbers themselves improves

Great importance for increasing the yield and quality of fruit is the amount of moisture received by plants. Cucumbers, very hygrophilous plants, the more moisture, the more ovaries on the bushes. The regularity of watering affects the quality of vegetables, their shape and size. For irrigation it is best to use drip systems, they minimize the useless water flow, and contribute to its deeper penetration into the soil

In the case of insufficient water or non-regularity of its supply, a more primitive but no less effective method can be used. In a conventional plastic bottle, trim the bottom, dig it into a shallow depth in the ground, with the neck down, and pour water into it

After a while, when the soil gets wet, the water stops absorbing and remains in the bottle, it only needs to be poured into it periodically, in small amounts, constantly providing the plants with moisture. For a smaller evaporation of moisture, the beds should be mulched. As mulch use, sawdust, polovu or finely chopped straw, peat, humus. Water for irrigation is better to use stagnant, warm

We told you how to plant cucumbers in the open ground, gave some advice. They will help make your summer holidays more easy and productive.

Cucumber planting in open ground