Room for chickens

A room for chickens or simply a chicken coop is a place for keeping a bird. From its conditions depends not only the safety of the hens in the winter period, but […]

Cage for broilers with their own hands

Today, there is a growing distrust of the quality of chicken meat purchased. Often when growing individuals at poultry farms, various chemical components are used, which subsequently affect human health. More and […]

A drinking bowl for chickens own hands

On the shelves of the store a large assortment of chicken and eggs, but more and more housewives prefer home-made products. It is not difficult to keep chickens, the main thing is […]

Feeders for chickens own hands

Despite a sufficient range of chicken meat, these birds are increasingly bred at home. Homemade meat and eggs are both healthier and tastier. Care for chicken is not particularly difficult, but basic […]

The contents of chickens in winter

Speaking in general about how to properly keep chickens in the winter months, then there are no special differences. But there are certain subtleties that are important to take into account without […]

Why hens peck eggs

You decided to have chickens. Read all the breed features, decided on the choice. They bought chickens, set up a room, grew up, now it’s up to them to bring enough eggs […]

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