Guinea fowl

As you know, the natural habitat of Guinea fowls is characterized by a warm climate. They prefer to live in the steppes with small thickets, they also feel great in wooded areas […]

Feeding guinea fowl

Guinea fowl require almost the same diet as chickens and chickens. However, there are still some differences. Guinea fowl need food that is richer in proteinaceous substances. As the bird grows up, […]

Guinea fowl

In the territory of Europe guinea fowls have been bred since ancient times. Often they can be found on private farms. In addition, they are actively bred for industrial purposes. Thanks to […]

Guinea fowl

Guinea fowl eggs look different from chicken. They are a bit wider and shorter. In this case they have a pear-like shape. Their color can vary from light yellow to dark brown. […]

Guinea fowls

Undoubtedly, at home, it will be difficult to cure the bird and it will not always succeed. Therefore, it is best to prevent the disease. In this way keep the guinea fowl […]

Features of breeding guinea fowl

Not often in the household of poultry farmers can be found guinea fowl. This bird requires for itself an abundance of meadow grass. Not always near the house there are wide pastures. […]

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