Chickens of Foxi Chick

Chickens of Foxi Chick

The breeding of chickens is a fascinating affair that brings not only eggs, meat, but also enables observation and study of various breeds. Each species has its own characteristics.

The Foxi Chick, the English name Foxy Chick, was brought earlier from Hungary. There are various translations of this name: Fox chicken or Fox fox, and also the Hungarian giant, characterizing the color of the Foxi Chick chickens, which is similar to the fox skin.

Chickens of Foxi Chick

Features of the breed:

Color: fiery reddish, brown, light red and light brown, reddish-brown; Type: egg-meat broiler. This means that chickens are used as good laying hens, and also have enough meat for eating; 100% safe keeping at breeding. This indicator indicates high viability and endurance; A high percentage of egg production: one layer a year can produce from 230 to 250 eggs, in some cases 300; A large meat mass that promotes beneficial breeding not only as layers, but also for eating; Not whimsical: they do not differ in terms of maintenance from ordinary domestic chickens, they do not require a special temperature regime, an individual diet; Carry eggs cream-colored, weight on average 65 to 70 grams; They differ in large, massive paws; Large weight: the weight of the chicken averages from 3. 5 kg to 4 kg, the cock from 5.5 kg to 7 kg; Chickens in the first and subsequent days of life are distinguished by their large size and mass from the usual;

The growth rates of the weight of chicks Foxy Chik, as well as the growth rates of live weight of chickens and cocks at different stages, on average:

The age of up to 20 days is 450-460 grams; The increase after 28 days is 690-700 grams; The gain on the 35th day is 980-1000 grams; Growth on the 42-45 days will be 1380-1450 grams; The gain on day 50 is 1750-1800 grams.

Chickens of Foxi Chick

These indicators show that the weight grows very intensively and in a month and a half the bird of the Foxy Chick variety is quite large, which economically justifies their breeding. At the moment, the breed in the top ten most popular for productive indicators in Europe. No less respect was won by Foxy Chik in the livestock of our country.

Conditions of detention:

For those who decided to engage in breeding of thoroughbred chickens, the question arises as to how to maintain them and how to feed them. The Foxi Chick breed is not whimsical and persistent, its breeding does not differ from the breeding of ordinary house layers. Conditions of detention are hangars and cages in the court. Easily get along with other breeds.


From the first days to three weeks of age, Foxy Chick chickens are fed a feed for broilers. There must always be fresh, clean water in the pointer. If the street is warm, then they are in this period (3 weeks) can be taken to the enclosure. To the mixed feed is added the ground grain. In the conditions of the enclosure feel quite comfortable and natural. By one and a half months the bird is well formed and has a good weight gain. You can safely lead to free grazing from the enclosure.

In an open space, Foxi Chick chickens are easily assimilated and find their livelihood completely. Beginning to begin by four months, sometimes later. By this time in the diet only natural food. Externally, chickens and roosters are pretty beautiful, large with powerful paws, which indicates their broiler accessory. In winter they are kept in closed rooms, hangars. You can add vitamins to your diet. The main ingredients for feeding are wheat, corn, barley and peas. The meat has high quality and taste.

The breed of Foxi Chick fully pays for itself due to its productivity and unpretentiousness.

Chickens of Foxi Chick