Chicken breed “Viandot”

Chicken breed “Viandot”

Chicken breed Viandot

Chickens of the Wyandot breed attract attention with their unusual color and beauty. These qualities take into account genetics and often use the breed to breed new breeds. Chickens became famous for their non-aggressive and peace-loving disposition. The breed is a bright representative of the egg-meat category. In addition, the popularity of birds gave a firmness and undemanding care

The origin of the Kura Breed was named after an Indian tribe known in North America. Homeland chickens of this breed are officially considered the United States. The breed met under the names of Seabright, Columbia and others

Since 1883, the breed has been documented, and the original subspecies of the Viandot Silver has been fixed. On the territory of our state, the first representatives of this breed were officially marked in 1911. The selection process involved samples of 7 breeds. Among them, Brahma, Dorking, Bentham-sebraight and others

External characteristics

Chicken breed Viandot

The Wyandot breed has about 15 different species of color. Plumage of chickens can be monophonic, for example, white, black, blue pale yellow, as well as combined tones: with a golden and silvery border, yellow with striped patches, and also white elements of golden color

Small earlobes are bright red. The same color is characteristic of the earrings of chickens. The color of the bird’s eyes is brown. The shortish beak, hook-shaped, is quite powerful. The crest is distinguished by a pea-shaped form, as well as a feature of construction. Divided into three lines

The body of the bird has a round, neat shape. The broad back smoothly turns into a lush loin. Wings are short, horizontal in relation to the body. Feathers of tail short, but thick. Legs of Wyandot chickens of yellow color

Chicken breed Viandot

The feather coating is flat, tightly adjacent to the trunk. The size of the chicken is much smaller than the size of the cock. Representatives are distinguished by a lush and sumptuous round tail

Poultry breeders should pay special attention to deviations from the breed standards: a small trunk in the form of a ball with short legs; narrow elongated trunk; shortage of the spine or its irregular acute shape; whitish coating on the lobes of the ears; luxuriant plumage on the neck and a narrow tail

The advantages of the Kura Breed have gained popularity due to the high level of egg production. The indicators are not affected by the season and climatic conditions

Chickens are more tenacious than other breeds of chickens. They can be planted either by an incubator or by a conventional method. The morals of the Viandot chickens are non-aggressive, peaceful

Chickens grow quickly and gain weight. Resistant to low temperatures, accustomed to different climatic conditions

Birds are not able to fly, which makes it possible to keep both in enclosed cages and in open courtyards

Wyandot reach maturity in six months, have a good maternal instinct, caring for chickens. Birds are susceptible to obesity due to a slow way of movement

Conditions for keeping chickens do not require special conditions for comfortable keeping. It is important to provide systematic walks. But it is worthwhile to avoid possible contacts with other poultry so as not to expose the chickens of Viandot to infections

The coop should be spacious enough, not dark. Chickens adapt well to colds. Therefore, the room does not require additional insulation. For the bedding, chips, buckwheat husks, dry leaves are suitable. Free access to ash or sand helps to clean the feathers and helps protect against parasites

Feed the chickens several times throughout the day. The food should be stored in a dry, closed container. To increase the strength of the shell chickens can add calcium. And to improve the taste of meat should be used vitamins and a complex of minerals.

Chicken breed “Viandot”