Chicken breed “Jersey giant”

Chicken breed “Jersey giant”

Chicken breed Jersey giant

One of the largest chickens in the world is considered to be the breed “Djersky Gigant”. This breed was bred in the United States, in the state of New Jersey, why it got its name, and large sizes finally formed the name, which was officially given in 1915. The breeding process was carried out by farmers for more than 20 years and crossed such breeds of chickens as Brahma, crod-langshany, Java, as well as fighting breeds, so at the end of the nineteenth century the experiments nevertheless were crowned with success

Chicken breed Jersey giant

The Djersky giant is a meat breed, but even so, chicken can safely demolish up to 180 brown eggs. The weight of the cocks is quite large – 5, 5 kilograms, and laying hens can weigh 4 kg

Little chicks grow very quickly and calmly increase their weight in the first months of their lives

The chickens from the chickens are very poor, because they weigh eggs or throw them out of the nest. Most often, young animals are excreted in an incubator, or eggs can be paed to poultry of other breeds. The chickens begin to swarm around 6-7 months old

Description Standards for the jersey giant were developed and finally approved in 1994. Chickens are strong, very powerful and massive. They are very seldom sick and have a calm character

Standards for chickens: – Wide, long body; – Large and developed breast; – a comb with 6 teeth of the same size; – brown, slightly bulging eyes; – a curved beak; – big head; – neck of medium length; – Earrings rounded to the bottom; – thick plumage; – well-fitting wings to the body; – a large tail; – shins very thick

Color in the chickens of this breed is of 3 types: – black color with a slight emerald outflow from the Black giant; – white color of the white giant; – Blue fringed

Cultivation of the Jersky giant is an ideal breed of chickens to provide the family with eggs and meat. These chickens grow very fast. In the first month of life they need to organize a full-fledged nutrition with the use of fertilizing and various vitamins, so that the chicks will grow properly

Chickens are not afraid of bad weather because they have very good health. With them, even children can play, because they have a very balanced and calm character

To grow a jersey giant, care should be taken to ensure that they have enough space. In summer, chickens prefer to eat grass, worms. To get delicious and tender meat, it is necessary to grow chickens only up to a year-old age, because then, the taste is significantly reduced

Chickens rush only in the nests, which are best placed closer to the ground. Because of their weight, they can not climb high. In winter, the comb of birds should lubricate the oil to prevent frostbite

The giant is unpretentious, but this large bird needs a lot of space to fully develop. They are very organized and not only rush in one place, but also with the onset of the evening quietly and quietly arrange in the hen house for the night.

Chicken breed “Jersey giant”