Chicken breed “Barnevelder”

Chicken breed “Barnevelder”

Chicken breed Barnevelder

Barnvelder – a breed that was bred in Holland, in the town of Barnveld in the late 19th, early 20th century. Local Dutch chickens were crossed with cochin, rod-ayland and Indian fighting with a pheasant-brown color

Qualities Barnvelders are strong and very strong birds. They are friendly and can be admitted to young children, because they are friendly

The rooster can weigh 3.5-3.75 kilograms, the chicken – 2.75-3 kg. In one year, the hen can remove up to 190 eggs of a dark brown hue and weighs up to 80 grams. Beginners start at the age of 7-8 months

The meat is very delicate and tasty, useful for various microelements and vitamins

Description Barnveldery – large chickens with decorative color. Their chest is round and their shoulders are wide. Despite the fact that the wings are short and high, their appearance from this does not lose its attractiveness

Clavicle is short, paws are yellow, and eyes are orange. The comb is leaf-shaped, and the earrings are red

The main features of hens: – the face is smooth, without plumage; – a short beard of a rounded shape; – beak wide and short, dark yellow; – small comb with denticles

Today there are several colors of chickens: – dark brown; – white; – black; – red-brown

Sometimes, in the red-brown color scheme, blue can predominate. Today there are other colors that can please poultry farmers

The following physical data can be considered as the rock defects: – poorly developed and small breasts; – small and short back; – weak tail empennage; – Legs covered with feathers

The maintenance and cultivation of breed. Barnvelders – unpretentious and calm chickens. They feel comfortable at different temperatures. They do not need any special conditions of detention, but they need space so that they can move a lot

In the event that the birds can not move, their paws can atrophy. Chickens like to look for food in the ground, so they dig everything and everywhere, so that the site is not riddled, you can make a fence in which birds will be walking

Eat everything that is given to them, do not go through and eat everything, until the last grain. Prefer greens, worms and corn

Beginning to begin with the age of 6-7 months and do it all year, even in winter and cold weather

Chickens of this breed are a bit lazy, very well and quickly accustomed to the owners. Rush in the allotted places for this. From these chickens are obtained very good hens that will sit and raise chickens

Barnvelders grow fast, their meat is delicious and tender, the eggs are large enough. If you want to get a bird that is calm enough and will not touch the kids – this is the case. Children are more likely to get along with these birds than they will offend them. Balanced, calm character, rapid growth is something that many poultry farmers like. This breed is becoming more and more popular every day thanks to all the characteristics and attractive appearance.

Chicken breed “Barnevelder”