Cherry variety “Molodezhnaya”

Cherry variety “Molodezhnaya”

This variety was obtained by crossing Vladimirsky and Lyubsky. Of them, all the best qualities were taken. This cherry is ordinary, but is in demand in many countries: in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Cherry variety Molodezhnaya

The height of apple trees can be up to two and a half meters. Visually, the crown looks like an oval, but a little drooping. Leaves bright green colors. Fruits appear on growths since last year and where there are bouquet twigs

The variety “Youth” is considered to be fast fruit. Already after four years, you can harvest. Berries ripen somewhere in the middle of July. The weight of each is about five grams, the diameter is one centimeter, and the shape is more oval

The flesh of the cherries is juicy and dense, and the taste is sweet with sourness. Berry juice has a dark red hue. For the hostess is very good quality, that the bone is easily separated from the pulp. Each tree can yield up to twelve kilograms of berries

This is more dessert variety, so along with fresh consumption, berries are used to make compote, jam, jam, jam

This cherry is considered average for resistance to frost and to various kinds of diseases. Basically, the tree can catch moniliosis or coccomicosis. And such diseases can appear with excessive soil moisture

It is good to grow this sort of cherry in the middle band, since it is designed for these conditions. For the garden area “Youth” is excellent. For this tree, there is no need to look for pollinators, because the ovary occurs in its pollen

And this property of cherry is very suitable for areas where there are many problems with the management of gardening. And besides, this variety can pollinate other varieties of cherries that mature late

Cultivation of the variety “Molodezhnaya” Of course, the tree itself will not grow. If you want to collect a good harvest of berries both in quality and volume, it is necessary to properly plant the tree, and then take care of it constantly after it. Therefore, it is better to plant young shoots in the spring. Choose a place to plant brightly lit, preferably on a mound, close to ground water

The earth is suitable for composition neutral or not very alkaline

First dig a hole. It should be a depth of forty centimeters, and its diameter is about eighty centimeters. Then they fill organic fertilizers in it. Water the soil and then plant a seedling

The earth is well rammed and a well is made for irrigation. Do not forget that the cherry trees in the spring are well fed with potassium or phosphorus fertilizers. Also manure is applied, it is possible to compost

Cherry variety Molodezhnaya

Cherry trees are loved by water, so watering them is necessary constantly and in great volume. Annually gardeners should carry out processing of a crown of a plant for preventive maintenance of various infectious diseases. To avoid too much thickets, the branches of the tree should be cut off, leaving the healthiest and those that form the shape of the tree. Pruning can be done twice a year: in spring and autumn

Since the variety “Molodezhnaya” is not too high, it does not have a normal appearance, it will look good in the garden area. These bushes will create your garden an individuality, also bring some variety to the garden. The abundance of berry on the bushes, has only positive qualities. Cherry berries will never be a burden to you. They can not only be torn down, but also admire the beauty of the whole tree

If you follow all the recommendations, then nothing will happen to your planted trees. And you will collect every year a rich harvest of berries. Which can not only be harvested for the winter, but also to sell, and this will bring additional profit to the gardener.

Cherry variety “Molodezhnaya”