Cherry variety “Leningrad black”

Cherry variety “Leningrad black”

It is a small tree, its branches are spread out, from which whole bunches hang dark berries, which have a dark claret color. The cherry Leningradskaya differs from other varieties in that it retains berries for a long time. They do not sing at once, but gradually, when they become a black shade, they do not fall off the petioles

Full ripening of sweet cherries occurs in the middle of July, but the berries on the tree hang almost until September. The sweet taste of the Leningrad variety is popular with everyone. There are no acids in the flesh at all

Variety description

Cherry variety Leningrad black

Fruits in composition are juicy and fibrous, but not solid. Each berry weighs five grams. It has the shape of a heart. You can use cherries for jam, juice, compote. From this variety, good wines are obtained, and berries can also be frozen freshly

The height of the Leningrad tree is not more than four meters. Although the deciduous hat is not thick, but spreading and broad. Harvest from a young plant is collected already in the third year of growth

Since the tree grows rapidly in the early years, the gardener must have time to correctly form the crown shape. Therefore, every spring, before the kidneys start swelling, it is necessary to trim the sweet cherry. The scheme for doing this work is simple. If the seedlings are one-year old, then they cut into one-fifth of the twig. If the branches begin to grow inside the trunk or upwards, then they must be removed completely

In five years you will no longer have to deal with pruning wood, because the crown is so small. But the dried branches will have to be deleted at any time. Because of the brittleness of the branches, they should be kept at an angle of 45-50 degrees. And if they strongly lean, then they have to tie up, so they do not break off. In the autumn they do not cut trees, otherwise it will lead to a weakening of winter hardiness.

The positive qualities of the cherry tree of the Leningrad black and the shortcomings

This variety has many advantages:

    Since the harvest yields a large cherry, it is profitable to use it for commercial purposes. You can not immediately realize all the berries, not being afraid that they fall from the tree. It is easy to collect berries, since the tree is not tall. Trees are almost not sick.

The disadvantage of the variety – for a small garden spreading takes up a lot of space

Planting a cherry Before planting, check where the groundwater is flowing. Since for this variety stagnant water in the earth is inadmissible. The cherry does not bear this

The tree is considered thermophilic, although it can also grow in the lowlands, where cold air is collected in the mornings. Roots develop well, so cherries extract moisture from the depth of the soil. Grow such trees on light, sandy soils, but do not like heavy peat layers, as well as clay and deep sandstones

Leningrad black loves light, so it is impossible that it is constantly falling shadow from any structure. Planting seedlings should be in the spring, because he has a vegetation period of eight months. A place for planting can be prepared from autumn. The pit is deepened by sixty centimeters, and the width should be about eighty centimeters

At the bottom, two buckets of humus are poured in, mixed with the ground. So the pit will stand in the winter. In the spring, wood ash or sodium sulfate is added here. Everything at the bottom is mixed, and then you can plant a seedling

Cherry variety Leningrad black

If the roots dried up near the tree, they are left in the water for several hours. Only after that, you lower it into the pit. But make sure that the roots do not break off. The root neck should be five centimeters above the soil. Since falling asleep with its earth can ruin a tree

When the pit is filled with soil, then pour a bucket of water into the received well. If you are going to plant several cherry seedlings, then the distance between the holes should be at least three meters.

Cherry variety “Leningrad black”