Cherry variety “Chocolate Girl”

Cherry variety “Chocolate Girl”

Cherry variety Chocolate Girl

Any gardener wants to get a good harvest regularly. Each planted tree should be carefully selected, the modern market offers many varieties

The garden simply can not do without cherries, these juicy fruits have long been included in the diet of any family. There are many varieties of cherries, the main advantage of which is a small tree height, which is more practical when harvesting, and, of course, yield. Cherry variety “Chocolate Girl” is bred in Russia

The height of the tree reaches three meters, the crown is branched and dense, such a small tree fructifies well. The variety was produced specifically for the climate of Russia. The complexity was a severe winter period, yields were often significantly reduced due to frosts

The buds of this cherry very closely adhere to the shoot, even during spring frosts most of the remains. The leaves are pointed, on the one hand glossy dark green, and on the other hand the shade is much lighter. The base of the leaf is fastened on a branch 1.5 cm long. The cherry blossoms have a snow-white color and form inflorescences of three buds

Fruits weighing up to 4 grams of bard color, almost black. The taste of cherries is sweet with a slight sourness, which gives a special feature to this cultivar. To taste it is very similar to a sweet cherry, bit bit is present. The stone is small with a yellow tinge. The flowering period takes place in May, and the ripening of the fruit takes place by the middle of July. The tree begins to bring the first harvest for 4 years

Cherry varieties “Chocolate” self-pollinated, but to increase yields often plant a tree pollinator. The Flask, Vladimirskaya or cherry can perform this function. Plant trees at a distance of 2-3 meters. Cherry grows an average of 65 cm in height per year

The ideal climate for this sort of cherry is the Central part of Russia. Overmoistening will lead to the death of a tree, planting a cherry in the shade is not recommended, the sun’s rays are simply necessary for growth and a stable period of photosynthesis. Choose a place on the southern side of the garden. Cherry variety Chocolate Girl

Plant seedlings better in September or in April. From the correct planting depends the yield of cherries. You need to dig a hole 50 cm deep and sprinkle it. All components must be mixed thoroughly with the earth

Seedling put in a groove and covered with earth, after compacting the soil, water the seedling with soft water. The top layer of the earth is sprinkled with sawdust and humus. To water a cherry is often unnecessary, the ground needs to be loosened, providing air access

A large amount of moisture is required only during the flowering period. Dry and damaged branches should be cut in the spring before the buds swell. Rodents often damage the trunk of the tree, for winter cherry better wrap up

Do not forget about regular fertilizing of cherries. In order for such care to give the result, you need to understand what time it is desirable to fertilize. During the growing season, it is recommended to add additional water to the soil, at this time it is useful to fertilize the roots with Mullein infusion

Berries of ripe cherries contain a sufficient amount of sugar, water-soluble substances, and also acids. Of the cherry fruit, jams and jams are cooked, compotes. They are also dried and used for confectionery purposes, the berries are very fragrant, and with good watering, juicy and fleshy ripen. You can freeze cherries, but it is better to remove the stone beforehand

From the cherry trees of the variety “Chocolate Girl” often make a hedge, for this it is necessary to plant trees at a distance of 2-2.5 m. Due to the branchedness and small height the trees grow, and their branches intertwine and form a “living” hedge.

Cherry variety “Chocolate Girl”