Cherry variety Cherry Cherry

Cherry variety Cherry Cherry

On their plots, gardeners rarely planted cherry trees, because they prefer cherries more. But today there are many varieties of cherries (one hundred and fifty species), which are not inferior in their qualities. For example, Black Cherry. It has the largest fruits and excellent taste qualities

Where and how is displayed

Cherry variety Cherry Cherry

This variety was obtained by crossing the Zhukovskaya cherry and the Black consumer goods. In the two thousandth year it began to be zoned in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation. And today it is grown in Volgograd and Voronezh, as well as their regions, in Rostov and the Belgorod region. She is also imprisoned in Belarus and Ukraine

Description Black cherry The trunk is not tall, about three or four meters, and the crown is wide in the shape of a pyramid. The bark does not crack, the color is more dark gray. The processes are long and straight. And the upper cover is green, and in the course of time it becomes grayish

Kidneys do not stick to shoots, they are elongated, large in the shape of an oval. The leaves are also large, smooth, slightly dentate at the edges. A petiole is thick and long. Flowers are large two or three in one inflorescence. Petals white, wide, towards the end of flowering become dark

Each berry to lead to seven grams, with a little flattened, do not crumble. And the skin is thin and black in color. The taste of the berry is sweet, but there is a bit of sourness. The pulp is juicy, and the bone is small

Positive qualities of cherries

Cherry variety Cherry Cherry

– Fruit-bearing begins early, after three or four years you can already taste delicious berries

– This variety is middle-aged, but the flowering period is late

– Fully ripened berries become in late June or in some central areas in the middle of July

– From one tree collect up to twenty-five kilograms of berries. Although in fifteen years the yield of cherries begins to fall, and the tree begins to deteriorate

– To frost they are stable, can withstand up to minus thirty-four degrees

– It can be frozen in the freezer, it is suitable for twist and cooking, and is also used fresh

But the trees of this variety are afraid of fungal diseases. Especially these are diseases such as moniliosis and coccomicosis

Planting trees and caring for them. Planting black cherries should be in a sunny place, which will be protected from the winds at any time of the year. It is planted only in spring, when the kidneys are not yet blossoming

After a week, add a humus or compost of kilograms to fifteen. Near these seedlings, it is necessary to plant at least three pollinators. Pits for planting are best prepared from autumn, laying in it humus ten kilograms, superphosphate and ash from a half kilogram

The hole must be made large and deep, so that you can immediately pour in fifteen liters of water. For a season, loosening of the soil must be carried out three times, at least

When the trees start to bear fruit, they are watered once, when berries begin to ripen. Of course, young plants are watered more often. It is enough to pour two buckets into one hole. If the weather in the street is hot, then it takes up to three times to irrigate a month

Trim seedlings begin immediately after disembarking into the ground. Branches leave the most powerful and healthy, enough eight pieces. The future tree will form from them. In the future, all pruning is carried out only in the spring, so that there is no density of the crown, otherwise you will not gather a normal harvest, and the berries will be small

The grown tree should consist of ten skeletal branches. If there are branches that grow inside, they are also immediately removed. If you perform correctly all the actions, you can avoid various diseases of the tree, and also collect a rich harvest of berries every year.

Cherry variety Cherry Cherry