Cherry varieties

Cherry variety “Molodezhnaya”

This variety was obtained by crossing Vladimirsky and Lyubsky. Of them, all the best qualities were taken. This cherry is ordinary, but is in demand in many countries: in Russia, Ukraine and […]

Cherry variety Cherry Cherry

On their plots, gardeners rarely planted cherry trees, because they prefer cherries more. But today there are many varieties of cherries (one hundred and fifty species), which are not inferior in their […]

Cherry variety “Chocolate Girl”

Any gardener wants to get a good harvest regularly. Each planted tree should be carefully selected, the modern market offers many varieties The garden simply can not do without cherries, these juicy […]


This type of cherry is a hybrid. It is considered one of the best, deduced for all time. It was brought out by Taranenko LI. by crossing with a cherry Characteristics of […]

Cherry variety “Leningrad black”

It is a small tree, its branches are spread out, from which whole bunches hang dark berries, which have a dark claret color. The cherry Leningradskaya differs from other varieties in that […]

Cherry variety “Turgenevskaya”

Cherry at all times was very in demand. The advantage of cherry trees is not only in abundant harvests of tasty and juicy fruits, but in the fact that people can use […]

Felted cherry

Felt cherry has many advantages over other types of garden trees: fruits have a sweet taste, a small sourish is possible, they are very fragrant and tender; in the pulp of berries […]

Variety of cherry “Kharitonovskaya”

Cherries are one of the most popular trees on the site, after apple trees. This is not surprising, because cherry fruit has a very pleasant taste, many useful components, serve as a […]

Cherry sort “Iput”

It is difficult to imagine a man who does not like to eat delicious berries of a mature sweet cherry. For many years, breeders have been breeding all new varieties, adapting the […]

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