Cherry sort “Iput”

Cherry sort “Iput”

Cherry sort Iput

It is difficult to imagine a man who does not like to eat delicious berries of a mature sweet cherry. For many years, breeders have been breeding all new varieties, adapting the tree to complex climatic conditions

Cherry does not tolerate sharp temperature changes and, of course, severe frosts. That’s why it’s not easy to grow a sweet cherry. Nevertheless, there are several varieties that are resistant to weather conditions and show good yield indicators. The “Iput” variety perfectly tolerates the climate of the central part of Russia

A medium-sized tree has a sprawling crown in the form of an inverted triangle. The leaves are elongated and can reach a length of 15 cm. The leaf plate has a rich herbaceous green color. They are fastened tightly, the plate has no deformations, it does not fall to the ground

Cherry belongs to the early-berry varieties, the first harvest can be taken already in the second half of June. The fruits are large, the mass of one berry is an average of 9 g. Ripe berry has a bard color, sometimes turning into black. A large number of useful microelements and vitamins are part of the flesh of the fetus, which strengthen the immune system

Berries are rich in potassium, iodine, calcium, iron and glucose. They are recommended for pregnant women who need an additional source of vitamins. Cherry must be eaten with anemia and increased pressure. More often berries are consumed fresh, but the fruits are also suitable for compotes, jams and even drying. Harvesting is easy, the ripe berry can be easily separated from the petiole. Fruits are collected on several pieces on one shoot, so removing them from the tree is convenient

This variety tolerates even considerable frosts, the tree does not freeze at -32 deg. Nevertheless, it is better to protect the cherry for the winter, for this can come stems of sunflower, corn or spruce branches. Often, rodents damage the bark of the tree in winter, so it is better to close the lower part of the trunk

The tree does not begin to bear fruit until four years after the landing. So that the harvest was good for the tree you need to look after. The crown is recommended to thin, remove excess branches and shoots in early spring, before the period of appearance of the kidneys

Care must be taken to ensure that there are branches that are directed into the interior of the crown. It is better to remove such shoots on time. In general, it is necessary to shorten the seedling, during the formation of the crown this method favorably influences the formation of the tree. Yields are constant, berries can crack, with an excess of moisture

The value of the variety is not only in yield and endurance, but also in the excellent properties of pollinating other trees. Cherries must be planted as a pollinating tree. It is better to keep the distance between the trees at least 4 meters

If you plant it next to another variety of sweet cherry, then the harvest can significantly increase. Although this variety is self-fertilized, there are still some secrets for increasing yields. One of these methods is the attraction of bees. For this, the tree is sprayed with a solution of honey

Seedling is better to buy in proven nurseries with the appropriate documentation, confirming the purity of the variety. Saplings of this breed are worth a lot, not every gardener can afford to breed cherries. Planting is best done in the spring or autumn, the tree should not be at the peak of its activity

The planting pit should be well fertilized, and the ground is better to loosen well. After planting, the root system must be moistened, a lack of moisture can lead to the death of the plant. Unfavorable and excessive sunlight

Cherry sort Iput

Cherry sort “Iput”