Cherry Cherry

This type of cherry is a hybrid. It is considered one of the best, deduced for all time. It was brought out by Taranenko LI. by crossing with a cherry

Characteristics of the variety If we consider the variety in more detail, then “Miracle-cherry” has more similar properties to tree-like cherries in properties. But with cherries, too, there is a similarity in the variety according to the type of branching. Flowers “Miracle-cherry” in all respects look like flowers of ordinary cherry trees, but they have a larger diameter and are collected in a brush. As a pollinator, the variety needs cherry trees nearby

If we talk about young shoots, they are larger and longer, the kidneys are large, which brings the variety closer to cherries. “Miracle-cherry” can give individual fruits in 2-3 years after planting. And after four years, the young tree begins to bear fruit

If the tree does not cut off the crown as it grows, it grows in the shape of a narrow pyramid. At the same time, branches stretch high upward. To make the tree grow more slowly, and harvesting was easy, experienced gardeners recommend that the side branches be bent to the horizontal position. Then the cherry will grow slower. The crown then changes its shape to a hemisphere

Cherries have very fleshy and big fruits. The weight of one cherry can reach up to 9-10 grams. The color has a dark maroon fruit. The taste is very high. Cherry does not taste worse than cherry varieties grown in southern regions

The aroma of the cherry fruit and cherry

“Miracle-cherry” perfectly tolerates severe Russian winters. There is no inclination towards diseases. If there is a good pollinator nearby, then the yield will always be very high and regular. The ripening period is the first half of June

Another great advantage of the variety is resistance to fungal diseases, which very often affect fruit trees throughout our country. Also the variety does not strongly inhabit flies

Pros for Residents

Cherry Cherry

All these advantages enable the cultivation of the “Miracle-cherry” variety in regions with severe weather conditions, lack of heat, light. Even in places where cherry regularly affects such diseases as moniliosis and coccomicosis

It is beneficial to plant cherry orchards with such a variety, since high yields allow you to sell in the markets. In addition, the villager will not need to waste time, money for drugs and forces to destroy pests and fight diseases

Planting a cherry

Cherry Cherry

To allow the trees to actively and evenly develop, during the planting in the holes you need to add fertilizers. Excellent variety of fertile mixtures and humus. It is also worth noting that the distance between seedlings should be no less than five meters. Densely planted trees do not receive enough light, which affects their yield

Another important nuance. Do not make fertilizer in the first years of life. This is especially true for mineral fertilizing. Since during the first five years the trees are fed enough from the soil. The introduction of additional fertilizing will lead to the fact that the trees will actively form a green mass, stretching upward. In this case, they will bear fruit minimally

But, as for watering with ordinary water, then you can not worry. Cherry responds well to moisture. What subsequently influences fruit well. They are fleshy and juicy

After planting, the seedling should be cut off. The central stem is left about 60-70 cm long. Lateral cut to third. So the tree will be formed correctly

It can be unequivocally said that this variety for the summer resident has become a find, facilitating his work, while providing a high yield.