Cattle breeding

Structure of the udder of a cow

The milk productivity of a cow depends on many different factors, such as the breed, the age and health of the animal, the lactation period, etc. No less important is the shape […]

Free cattle maintenance

Since ancient times the maintenance of cattle the person arranged in a crib, which often adjoined to habitation. Such a device was practiced with the purpose of heating its own dwelling using […]

Preparing the cow for milking

The process of milking cows is an important component of milk production technology, which directly affects the quantity and quality of the dairy product. Therefore, the preparation of cows for milking should […]

Castration of steers

Nowadays, for the production of high-quality beef, the addition of all sorts of feeds and various advertised preparations to the animal feed is not necessarily necessary. Since ancient times, there are ways, […]

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