Carrots: planting and care in the open ground

Carrots: planting and care in the open ground

Carrots: planting and care in the open ground

Who among us does not remember the children’s riddle about the beauty in a dungeon with a oblique outward. Of course, we all know carrots since childhood. Its polarity is not surprising, because this vegetable has become one of the main things on our table. Without it, dozens of salads, soups and other dishes can not be avoided. The use of its composition for our body is priceless. Soon comes summer season and therefore the topic of planting carrots is very relevant.

Planting carrots: seeds, appliances, site preparation

Carrots: planting and care in the open ground

Before planting any culture on the site, we must acquire its seeds. Nowadays this is not a problem, because the shops are full of different grades of different cultures. Choose seeds of only proven firms, with good reviews

After the seed is ready, it must be etched from the diseases and checked for germination. To do this, place all the carrot seeds in a weak solution of manganese. When some of the seeds come up, remove them. They will not give you a harvest. Rinse the remaining seeds and put them in a warm place

Every summer resident knows that planting carrots is a hard work. After all, the seeds are very small, light. They fly around the site. There is always a dilemma as to how to plant them – to suffer for a long time, spreading on the seed, then not to dive, or to throw a lot and then to thin out

To minimize your efforts, you can use various attachments during the landing. One of them is sold in stores for the garden and the garden and is called “planters”. Simple and affordable for everyone, it makes the job much easier. You can use a variety of other tools. There are many articles about them

Next, you must take care of the site. It should be well lit, not submerged in water, otherwise the roots will rot, be spacious, so that the carrot feels free and not deformed. The soil needs to be well loosened before planting, if it was plowed for the winter, smoothen all the lumps. You can make organic fertilizers. Then your harvest will be more qualitative

Also, take care that you can stretch the area to the site, since during the formation of root crops of carrots you need a lot of moisture

Planting and care

Carrots: planting and care in the open ground

Carrots should be sown lightly in a moist soil. To understand that the soil is suitable for planting, you can do so: make a row, if the top of the earth is dry, and inside is warm and moist, then it’s time to start planting. Sow carrots can be in May or early June

To better work, use, for example, a board. With its help you can make beds and rows. But it should not be narrower than 25-30 cm. There are many methods for sowing

Some summer residents sow carrots with paper containers from under the eggs. How convenient. You can just make rows of chopping. The first shoots appear somewhere in 14-21 days. It depends on the soil, climate, variety

After the shoots appeared, after another two weeks they need to be thinned for the first time. To do this, leave the distance between the seedlings at 4-5 cm. The second time needs to be thinned in 3-4 weeks, then bring the distance to 8-10 cm. If you have a large variety, then up to 15 cm

Do not forget! Carrots need regular watering, especially at the end of summer, closer to autumn. Also, make sure that the saplings are not bothered by weeds and the main pest – a carrot fly. If it appeared, then you can use the simple folk method – put between the rows of tobacco, pepper, cinnamon. The fly does not tolerate them

These recommendations will help you grow a good harvest without much difficulty, as often happens with carrots.

Carrots: planting and care in the open ground