Care for sucrine rabbits

Care for sucrine rabbits

Sukroty, as an integral part of the reproduction of rabbits, lasts about 30 days. Care during the period of rabbit sucrubility is of exceptional importance, if it is necessary to obtain healthy offspring, normal fetal development, preserve the health of the female and minimize the possibility of miscarriage.


During this period, the rabbit needs a special diet. Feeding should occur at a specific time, regularly. Thus, due to the schedule of nutrition, you can reduce unnecessary anxiety, as well as reduce the load on the digestive tract. In order for you to eventually get only high-quality offspring, you must offer your animals only high-quality feed. In no case as a food for suckling rabbits can not use neither frozen nor molded food. Such food can easily damage the rabbit and cause not only various diseases, but even abortion.

Care for sucrine rabbits Approximately 7-10 days, immediately before sexol, it is necessary to gradually reduce the portion of grass or hay. Do not make the rabbit nervous again, it can contribute to sharp jumps, because of what it can hit the stomach, which in turn will lead to bruises, abnormal fetal development or to abortion. If there is a situation when it will be necessary to transfer the rabbit, it is necessary to do this as carefully as possible. One hand needs to take the rabbit for the withers and carry it to where it is required.

Further training

Cells are cleaned no later than 2 weeks before sex. Then it is necessary to disinfect cells and equipment, and allow some time to dry. After that you need to plant two thirds of the cage with chips. In the event that it is not possible to get the shavings, then in principle you can use hay.

The nest will be arranged in the near future, as soon as the cage is filled with shavings. It is worth noting a very important point. There are times when she did not the female is going to equip the socket, in which case the breeder should do it yourself. You must first equip it with sawdust and hay, and then, you need to very carefully naschipat down a rabbit and put it into the slot. Must then be carefully observed for the female, to keep it from their pups scattered throughout the cell.

Care for sucrine rabbits Rabbits, like females, should always have fresh, good water. Therefore, in the case of a car wash, it is necessary to permanently drain stagnant water. It was noted that often sorella occur at night. In the case of a farm and mass forking, it is mandatory to establish a round-the-clock surveillance. Average okrol usually does not cause any difficulties and lasts about 10 to 60 minutes.

At the end of the enrollment, the female will lick her rabbits, and careful movements will gently push them to the nest, where they will already feed them. If the rabbit did not do this, it is necessary to check whether the nest itself is alright and fix it, then independently transfer the rabbits there. There are cases when rabbits eat newborns, such females must be immediately discarded, because such cases will be repeated.

Care for sucrine rabbits