California rabbit breed

California rabbit breed

California rabbit breed

When it comes to living animals brought from America, many farmers come to mind only one thing – the Colorado beetles. But not only are they rich in Western countries. What can be judged from the California breed of rabbits

Breeding rabbits in our country is very popular. Which is not surprising. After all, these animals are famous for their dietetic, useful meat. But they are even more famous for their fertility, which makes their breeding a very profitable business

One of the popular among different breeds of rabbits is precisely the Californian species. The breed perfectly adapts to our severe climate, and it is also bred by residents of Ukraine and Belarus. The Californian rabbit was obtained by crossing three breeds. All of them are productive, and gave the new kind their strongest features

What are the advantages of the breed of Californian rabbits?

California rabbit breed

Pros, of course, is. Not only does this breed is very popular with farmers and ordinary lovers

Animals of this breed are very fertile. They are also excellent parents, which allows you to maximize your offspring. This is a good indicator of population growth

The next feature is early maturation. The female can bring the first rabbits at the age of six months. In this case, their number can be up to 10 pieces. Of course, investing in this breed pays off quickly. Another of the most important pluses is meat

California breed is famous for its taste. They treat rabbits to the broiler type. Meat is not only very fragrant, delicious, tender, but, most importantly, useful. If you compare the breed with others, then it is the leader in the collection of meat mass in the shortest time, provided that the quality of care. But in this case the individuals themselves are quite compact in size

What do the Californian rabbits look like?

California rabbit breed

As already mentioned above, the carcass of this breed does not differ in giant sizes. It’s all about the short skeleton. But, in spite of their compactness, rabbits have good musculature. The neck of the animals is very short, so their head position is slightly raised

The fur coat has a decent coat. Fur is very dense, pleasant to the touch. This Californian rabbit owes his ancestor to the Russian ermine rabbit

The color of the breed is white with red spots, which are located on the ears, tail and nose

Females have very good fertility. In general, the breed leads an actinic way of life, despite its meat orientation. Fertility reaches up to 10 rabbits. And for 2-3 months of life young rabbits weigh up to 2.5 kg. And closer to four the weight reaches 3 and more kilograms

The California breed is very unpretentious, which gives it another advantage. You can keep rabbits in the simplest barns. Many farmers practice the cultivation and maintenance of rabbits in the pit. So they create for pets as close to natural conditions. Yama digs about a meter deep, above it is a roof, the walls are secured from shedding. After that, rabbits themselves will dig holes, arranging the most comfortable conditions

If animals are kept in cages, then it will not take much space and effort. After all, the breed has compact dimensions. Individuals of the same age are recommended to be planted next to each other, so it will be easier to feed them and follow the development

The breed perfectly adapts to any conditions. She calmly tolerates the cold, so it is popular among the inhabitants of the northern regions, but also calmly the rabbits carry arid and hot weather. What makes possible their breeding in the steppes

So, all of the above, says that if you decided to breed rabbits, then the Californian breed is what you need.

California rabbit breed