Cages for rabbits own hands

Cages for rabbits own hands

Cages for rabbits own hands

If you decide to do rabbit breeding. That first thing you need is the cells for their content. Cage is not so difficult to build as it seems. To begin with, you can build a cage on two rabbits

In order to build a cell yourself, you will need:

1. Bars. Two hundred and thirty-five centimeters. Two hundred and twenty-five centimeters. The thickness is one hundred one hundred millimeters. Four bars of two meters. Four bars of sixty centimeters. Thickness is fifty to fifty millimeters.

2. For walls thick plywood or boards.

3. For the floor – a grid with small cells. The mesh can be galvanized or made of durable plastic. The cells must be twenty-five by twenty-five or ten by twenty-five.

4. Slate or roofing felt for the roof.

5. Hammer and nails.

6. A hand saw or a jigsaw.

7. Roulette.

8. Canopies for doors.

9. A heck or a bolt.

10. Drawing for the cell.

First we make a skeleton from the beams. We make a rectangular frame from the bars. That is, we connect two two-meter and two bars of sixty centimeters. We need two such rectangles. Then fix the rectangles from the beams on the racks. Ahead of us should be racks of uneven bars one hundred and thirty-five centimeters. From the back – one hundred twenty five centimeters

The first rectangle is made at the level of eighty centimeters from the ground. The second rectangle is at the edges of the beams. Thus, the cell will be higher in front of ten centimeters. This is necessary for the roof slope. In the rainy season the water will not fill the cage

Then we take plywood or boards and make a back wall. We take a grid for the floor and attach it to the bottom rectangle, which now we will have the floor in the cage. Also, the grid will need to be secured from below with racks. Such a floor made of metal mesh is ideal for rabbits

Thanks to the cells in the grid, the feces of rabbits will fall to the ground, which will make it easier to harvest the cage. Then we ply the side walls and the roof with plywood or boards. The roof will need to be covered with slate or a roofing paper. This will protect the rabbit during the rains from moisture

The next step is to divide the cells into two sections. For this, in the middle of the cell we put a partition

Cages for rabbits own hands

Each section also needs to be divided into the uterine compartment and the feeding compartment. The uterine branch is made from the short side of the wall. In front of the cells, the uterine compartment should be plywood. The floor in the uterine compartment must also be made of plywood. Then, using plywood in the cage, we divide the uterine compartment from the feeding compartment. In the plywood we make a manhole through which the rabbit will climb out into the feeding compartment

In the second part of the cage, the aft compartment makes a door. We measure the opening and by its size cut the bar. We connect pieces of a bar into a rectangle. We cut this rectangle with a metal mesh. With the help of awnings, we secure the door. Canopies can be attached both from the side and from below. It will be at your discretion as it is more convenient for you to open the door. In order for the door to close and the rabbits do not run away, you need to make a latch or a bolt

You also need to equip a rabbit with a water bottle. For this, a holder is attached to the wall inside the cell, into which the drinking bowl will be inserted. Drinking can also be done by yourself. You can take a plastic jar with a lid. In the cover we cut the valve and throttle

Pour in a bottle of water, close the lid and install the bottle in the holder with the neck to the bottom. This drink is good because a rabbit can drink water when he wants and does not pour a drinker. You will only need to make sure that there is always water in the butyl

Also, you need to attach a nursery to the cage for grass or hay. The nursery can be attached to the door of the cage.

Cages for rabbits own hands