Cabbage pests

Cabbage pests

Everyone, whether an avid gardener or just a beginner, wants to grow and gather from his garden, the best harvest

To collect a good harvest is not enough to prepare a good soil and plant seedlings, it is also necessary during the whole ripening of the crop to carefully monitor that the plant does not damage any of the pests. When growing a vegetable like cabbage a lot of truck farmers face a lot of pests.

Crested cabbage (cabbage)

This insect is the most dangerous of pests of cabbage. These are small jumping bugs. The size is about three millimeters. Blocks hibernate in the upper layer of the soil, mainly under fallen leaves. This insect there, under the leaves, lays its eggs

With the onset of spring and warming, they begin their wrecking activity. First they start eating weeds, and then they turn their attention to young seedlings. The flea can eat three times more per day than she can herself

This insect is hard not to notice, as it begins to eat out small holes in the cabbage leaves. The leaves of the vegetable begin to dry up and eventually the plant, if not to be processed, dies. There are several ways to combat this pest

“Dusty” way

Cabbage pests

When planting seedlings, cabbage should be sprinkled with ash mixed with tobacco dust. The ratio of proportions should be one to one. Of course, this method is very effective, but it will need to be repeated after each watering or after it rains

Method number number 2 Such insects as cruciferous fleas can not tolerate the smell of garlic, coriander and dill, so when planting seedlings, you can first plant garlic, and between them in the aisles plant cabbage seedlings

Since these fleas do not like sharp odors, it is possible to treat the sprouts of cabbage with fir oil. For this, add 10 to 15 drops of fir oil to the bucket of water and spray the cabbage seedlings with this solution

Sticky way to catch fleas

Cabbage pests

This insect is very small in size. It is easily caught on sticky devices. You can take a sheet of thin plywood to it to attach on one side a stick. The sheet of plywood is coated on both sides with resin or solidol. Then take this device with your hands for a stick and start swinging over cabbage seedlings

Since this flea moves with jumps from sheet to sheet, then when waving a sheet of plywood, it will start jumping chaotically, falling on plywood adhering. When doing such trips, you can get rid of this pest in a short time.


Cabbage aphids are a serious pest of cabbage. This insect is wingless in length two millimeters. Taurus aphids are covered with wax dust. Cabbage aphids are hard to miss on the leaves of cabbage, it appears massively on the leaves of the vegetable, completely covering the entire leaf. The aphids suck out the juice from the cabbage leaves. The leaves of the vegetable begin to discolor and curl. There are several ways to combat this pest

Tomato tincture from aphids For the preparation of tomato tincture you need to take two kilograms of tomato tops or stepchildren stepchildren. Pour five liters of hot water. The tincture should be infused for at least three hours. Then it should be boiled for three hours, and after the tincture, filter and dilute with water in a ratio of one to two. Such tincture is necessary to process all cabbage

“Soap” method For this method, you need to prepare a solution. To do this, take 400 grams of soap, finely grate it and dilute it in 10 liters of water. With this soap solution, treat cabbage seedlings. After a week, treat the cabbage again.

Cabbage shovel

Caterpillar cabbage scoops of green color up to five centimeters. Caterpillars feed, scraping tissue from the leaves of cabbage. First they eat the leaves from the bottom, and after that they creep around the whole vegetable and begin to gnaw out in the leaves holes of irregular shape

In the afternoon these caterpillars hide, and at night begin to eat, destroying cabbage. There are several ways to combat this pest.

Cabbage pests

To help the wasps If in the area where cabbage is planted, there is a wasp, then you can get them to help you in the fight against caterpillars. Wasps feed their offspring with caterpillars. In order for the wasps to work for you, it is enough to dilute the old jam or compote in water and process the cabbage. Sweet water will attract wasps, which will help you get rid of caterpillars

Calcined Soda This is the easiest way. Caterpillars can not stand ordinary baking soda. So you can sprinkle with cabbage leaves. Thanks to baking soda you will get rid of caterpillars, and plants will not suffer.

Cabbage pests