Buildings and equipment

Garden swings with their own hands

In the summer, swings in the garden are not only pleasing to children, but also to adults. It can be advantageous to supplement the landscape design with a stylish design or make […]

Pool at the cottage with their own hands

In hot weather, the dacha especially wants to freshen up, and for this purpose a swimming pool is ideal. Of course, you can buy a ready-made pond and install. A more complex […]

Oven cladding

Despite the new technologies and alternative energy sources, the furnace does not lose ground and is an unchanging source of heat. At the dacha such a construction is simply irreplaceable, even on […]

Rake your own hands

The cellar is simply necessary, in this room, vegetables and fruits are stored. Even partially replace the refrigerator this room can. To make a cellar, you can contact a specialist. To save […]

Sidewalk tiles with their own hands

Sidewalk tile is an excellent option for homes and villas, and the modern market allows you to select the material, counting on your budget. You can put the tiles yourself, saving a […]

Brazier of brick with their own hands

One of the first preparations of meat is the frying of meat on fire. Still ancient people roasted themselves “a shish kebab” on a fire. Everyone who has a plot of land, […]

High beds with own hands

For any trucker, it is important to get a good harvest. Increase the fertility rate allows high beds. Such a technique can be used at home in the country, for this there […]

Garden paths with own hands

It is difficult to imagine a site without equipped tracks on it. Even dew can become an obstacle to movement. Such an element as the tracks will be an excellent complement to […]

Fences for beds

The life of modern man is filled with different devices and devices. All of them can make life easier for us to a large extent. Now even the dachas began to look […]

Fence from the corrugated board with your own hands

Today, corrugated board not only serves to cover the roofs, but it is also successfully used for building a fence. This building material was not of great value for enclosing plots because […]

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