Budennovskaya breed of horses

Budennovskaya breed of horses

Budennovskaya breed of horses

For today it is one of the youngest breeds of horses. Her homeland is the Rostov region, where in the territory of the military factories, she was taken out by crossing the Don mares with the English stallions

The result surpassed all expectations: a tall horse, strong and, moreover, unpretentious, she possessed all the qualities to become a help for the cavalry. However, in the post-war time there was a need for horses in the agricultural sector, and a little later all efforts of the Russian horse breeders were directed to the development of a universal sports horse

It was then that the Budenny horse was taken as a basis, gradually improving its athletic qualities and improving physical performance. Like the Don, the Budyonnov breed has its own peculiarities in content. Cubs up to 8 months walk in the herds with mares, after which they are detached from the mother, and organize a separate herd consisting of young animals

Budennovskaya breed of horses

Such maintenance conditions temper health, horses get used to various weather conditions, their immunity grows stronger, hoofs harden, muscles get used to constant movement on hills, maneuverability and speed of reaction develops

At the age of 1,5-2 years, young horses are driven in and sent to the racecourses for testing them in smooth races, so a couple of years later the Budyonnov horse becomes physically prepared for further sports loads, has developed muscles and lungs

The horses of the Budenny breed are exceptionally unpretentious to the quantity and quality of feeds, they are able to adapt to frosty winters and withering heat, they live long and are very fertile

Today the Budyonnovsky horse has a height at the withers from 160 to 175 cm, a broad and deep chest, the right proportions, strong legs and hoofs, a short back and a low withers

Budennovskaya breed has 3 intra-breed types: massive, eastern and characteristic

Massive type – large, massive horses, they have a rustic and slightly rough exterior and strong bones. They are great for working in harness and under the saddle, as well as cultural and herd content

The eastern type is horses of a more elegant, dry and pedigree exteriors, most similar to horses of the Don breed. O are no more fanciful to the conditions of keeping and feeding, but also have a more energetic and hot temper

A characteristic type – horses of this type are most similar to thoroughbred riding, they are large, but elegant, with strong dry feet. They have the greatest speed and endurance

The visiting card of the Budyonnov horse is its unusual suit, passed from the Don horse: these are all shades of golden-red, from sand to shades of red gold. In addition, this breed is characterized by bay, brown and karaka suits, as well as a large number of white marks on the head and legs of various shapes and sizes

Budennovskaya breed of horses

Due to the universality and inherent characteristics of the breed, the Budyonnov horse is actively used in all Olympic sports such as competitions, dressage and triathlon

Up to 70% of the horses on which Russian triathletes perform are horses of the Budenny breed. These horses have a natural technical leap, beautiful free movements, boldness, obedience, energy, endurance and quickness

Budyonnovtsev is highly appreciated outside of our country, they are actively bred in Europe, and in Russia there is an annual exhibition “Golden Horse”, where representatives of the Budyonnovsky breed are judged on various indicators, such as the exterior and jumping abilities, which are checked in spring piste.

Budennovskaya breed of horses