Bronze broad-chested turkeys

Bronze broad-chested turkeys

Bronze broad chested turkeys

In any nationality, a turkey is not only an excellent source of meat, but also decorates any household. And in order to make the most of breeding domestic turkeys, the most responsible approach is to choose her breed. So, for example, the high productive properties and fine egg-laying are possessed by the bronze broad-chested rock

This species is among the broiler species of turkeys. Its specialists from the United States of America withdrew. It is intended for maintenance in industrial and domestic conditions, and the method of pastoral maintenance is not suitable for it. In the common people this breed is called American turkey, and farmers allocate a large number of its advantages. Often it is used to breed new breeds, as well as improve existing

The bird describes its name with precision. Has a large chest, an elongated body, legs are widely placed, color plumage of dark color with a slight bronze shade. Also this species has a long tail, in the male it visually takes the form of a fan. Turkeys of this breed are large enough birds, females reach up to 10 kilograms in weight, and males grow to about 22 kilograms. There have been cases that, with large obesity, the male turkey weighed about 32 kilograms

Bronze broad-chested breed has great productivity, both in its meat qualities, and in terms of bearing eggs. The average female can cause about 80-110 eggs per year. The percentage of fertilization of eggs is high enough, it is 80%, therefore, these eggs are suitable for breeding the younger generation

Since the breed was initially created for industrial cultivation, it is absolutely not subject to walking, therefore, they must be kept only in enclosed spaces. When pasture content is very difficult to achieve positive dynamics in their breeding. Therefore, it is necessary to use sites in which several females and one male are housed

In food the bronze broad-chested turkey is absolutely unpretentious and consumes a small amount of food for its dimensions. Feeding can be carried out by various grain crops, mesquees with the addition of nutrients, chopped grass. In the form of feeding you can use vitamins and bone meal

Thanks to the above advantages, the above breed is rightly recognized as the best breed among all artificially bred.

Bronze broad-chested turkeys