Breitovskaya breed of pigs

Breitovskaya breed of pigs

Breitovskaya breed of pigs

As an independent breed, Breitovskaya exists in 1948. It was deduced in the Yaroslavl region as universal. It is a product of crossing white pigs of various breeds with local

Advantages of breed Breitovskaya. The main advantage of the breed can be called high fertility. For one litter the female brings 11-12 piglets, and within a year the roast can occur twice. Such fertility is used by farmers to produce pedigree young animals

Also, an undoubted plus is the universal meatsalnoe direction of the breed. The fat of these pigs is of excellent quality. It is widely used and in demand in the market. Meat also has many positive qualities, it is juicy enough, moderately fatty and tender

On early maturity, the breed does not lag behind the others, a mass of 100 kilograms of piglets is gained by the half-year of life. Adult individuals also have an excellent mass, the weight of an adult boar can reach 330 kilograms, and sows 240. This is a very good indicator that is not inferior to the best European breeds of pigs

In addition, the pigs of this breed can boast a fairly calm nature, which is not typical of all representatives of other breeds. They are less aggressive, do not tend to destroy the floor and walls of the base

Another plus of this breed can be called good endurance to temperature changes. Pigs easily tolerate cold and other climate change. It is this feature that allows the breeding of representatives of the breed in the northern regions of the country

Feeding and maintaining the breed. Given enough good endurance, contain Breiten pigs can be in the most primitive conditions. Enough small walking and indoor facilities for cold weather. However, despite the lack of requirements, do not forget that hypothermia and dampness can badly affect health, even the most hardy individuals. More closely, one should treat sows and piglets, since they are more susceptible to diseases

The premises and bases need to be cleaned regularly, and also to produce ventilation. Animals need fresh air for full development

In fodder preferences, Breiten pigs are quite loyal. They perfectly adapt to bulk forages. Their diet often includes potatoes, beans and

It is worthwhile to closely monitor the purity and availability of water in animals, especially in arid and hot periods. And a nursing sow should never have interruptions with drinking

Application of the breed. As already mentioned, this breed is universal, accordingly, it is used for obtaining quality fats and meat. This trend, combined with the Breitau breed, is quite promising for farmers in the northern regions

In addition, breeders continue to work on meat indicators of the breed. It is actively used for obtaining new subspecies with preservation of high fertility and endurance, but higher indicators of the meat component.

Breitovskaya breed of pigs