Breeds of turkeys

Moscow white turkey

The Moscow white breed of turkeys can rightly be considered the most famous domestic breed. It was put out on the territory of the Moscow Region in the state farm “Beryozka” under […]

North Caucasian bronze turkeys

North Caucasian bronze breed of turkeys to poultry breeders is well known and known for a long time. It is considered one of the oldest domestic breeds Her breeders of Stavropol immediately […]

Black turkish rock turkey

The black Tikhoretskaya breed of turkeys was bred in the 1950s by agricultural specialists of the Tikhoretsky district of the Krasnodar Territory as a result of selection of local turkeys with bronze […]

Bronze turkeys

This type of turkeys is considered to be the most common among all known species. It is difficult to find a place where this species does not occur. It was bred in […]

North Caucasian white turkeys

White turkeys are very popular with poultry farmers. The owners like to breed “blondes”, since their skin is pleasant pinkish color, and the carcass can boast an attractive commercial appearance One of […]

Bronze broad-chested turkeys

In any nationality, a turkey is not only an excellent source of meat, but also decorates any household. And in order to make the most of breeding domestic turkeys, the most responsible […]

Silvery turkeys

Silver turkeys gave the world the North Caucasus, where this species was obtained. Therefore, the breed is called North Caucasian silver. Breeders crossed the Uzbek pale turkey with a white broad-chested, and […]

White broad-chested turkeys

It is a well-known fact that many of the currently existing breeds of turkeys are artificially produced. This group includes the white broad-chested turkey, which was bred in the United States of […]

Moscow bronze turkeys

Moscow bronze is one of the most famous domestic breeds. It was bred in the state farm “Berezka” of the Moscow region in the period from 1946 to 1959. under the deepest […]

Uzbek pale breed of turkeys

The Uzbek pale breed is bred on the beautiful lands of Uzbekistan, thanks to careful selection of local turkeys and considerable efforts of the eminent poultry breeder N. Zolotukhin. Birds are perfectly […]

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