Breeds of sheep

Gorky sheep breed

Sheep of Gorky breed got their name due to the area in which they were withdrawn, namely the Gorky region of the then USSR. The breed was withdrawn for almost twenty-five years, […]

Tsigay sheep breed

Sheep are the oldest domesticated animals, appreciated not only by our ancestors, but also by modern cattlemen. During the entire period of sheep breeding, several hundred different breeds were bred in the […]

Karakul breed of sheep

Karakul sheep are called one of the oldest Middle Asian breeds. Disputes about the origin of the breed are still being conducted. Professor Kushelov believes that thousands of years have been spent […]

The Texel sheep breed

History of the occurrence of the breed The pedigree type texel was bred in the Netherlands, on the island of Texel district of North Holland, in honor of which the sheep received […]

The breed of Prekos sheep

History of the breed The prekos sheep were bred in France in the 19th century by cross-breeding of females of French merimbus rambulia and sheep meat meats. Subsequently, the pre-breed sheep became […]

Kulundinskaya sheep breed

History of the origin of the breed Kulundinskaya fine-wool sheep was created in the Altai Territory on the basis of the tribal plant “Stepnoe” relatively recently, in the period from 1991 to […]

Russian long-haired breed of sheep

History of the Sheep of the Russian long-haired breed was created in the middle of the twentieth century in the breeding farms of Voronezh and Tver and regions. The breed was created […]

Sheep breed “Dorper”

History of the breed Sheep meat is considered to be one of the most expensive breeds of sheep in the world. This breed was created in South Africa, where at the beginning […]

Grozny breed of sheep

Groznenskaya breed of sheep, in contrast to Volgograd, was excavated in order to provide quality wool and rich cuttings. These sheep are classified as fine-fleeced breeds, with which Grozny individuals are considered […]

Tuvan sheep

History of the breed These sheep hatched in the Republic of Tuva are a valuable local breed that has been formed on this territory for 3000 years. This breed was formed by […]

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