Breeds of rabbits

Black-and-fiery breed of rabbits

The black-fiery breed was bred in England, the end of the IXX century. Breeders have attracted a variety of breeds of rabbits, including Dutch, silver, wild and Belgian rabbits. At first, the […]

California rabbit breed

When it comes to living animals brought from America, many farmers come to mind only one thing – the Colorado beetles. But not only are they rich in Western countries. What can […]

New Zealand breed of rabbits

New Zealand rabbits are considered the best industrial breed in the world. These rabbits are bred for skins and meat. Most New Zealand rabbits are bred in the United States. The rapid […]

Burgundy breed of rabbits

Burgundians are a meat breed of rabbits. All European chefs of Europe speaking about rabbit meat of the highest quality have in mind the meat of this breed. Typical external features of […]

Rabbit breed “Belka”

In the creation of the protein breed, rabbits of two breeds were involved – the Vienna blue and the havanna. This original, fluffy animal was bred by German breeders at the beginning […]

The breed of rabbits “Rex”

For the first time the appearance of a new breed of rabbits was announced in 1919, it happened in France. Initially, the breed of rabbits Rex was obtained as a mutation, after […]

The Vienna breed of rabbits

The breeds of rabbits bred in Hungary are represented by the Vienna blue, Vienna white and Viennese black Vienna Blue Vienna blue rabbit is medium-sized, has a meat-skins direction. During breeding, the […]

Rabbits of the “Gray Giant” breed

Probably, all people, when it comes to a rabbit, immediately before the eyes there is an image of a nice little lump of wool. In fact, for a long time already, such […]

Dutch breed of rabbits

The Dutch rabbit has a second name – Danish. The origins of this breed are lost in the Dutch-Belgian lands, and the ancestors are small Brabant rabbits, originally from Flanders. This breed […]

Rabbits of the breed “Champagne”

Age of the breed “Champagne” has more than four hundred years. Breeders appreciate the animals of this breed for the beauty of the fur of the shade of aged platinum and the […]

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