Breeds of nutria

Beige nutria

Among almost two dozen colored rocks, beige nutria is perhaps the most popular. She is pleased to breed amateur nutrients, and industrial farms In the vastness of our country, she came from […]

White Italian nutria

The natural color of the fur nutria is brownish brown. That’s how they look in their natural habitat. But man would not be a man, if he did not try to make […]

White Azeri nutria

For the first time these beautiful nutrias appeared in the farm in Azerbaijan. Their name they got at the place where they appeared, as well as the color of their fur. Now […]

Black nutria

The animals of this incredibly beautiful and very noble color were first bred in Argentina. If we consider this breed from the point of view of how it is prolific, then there […]

Lemon nutria

Note that the lemon nutria are very similar to the golden ones, but their color is slightly lighter. Their color has a very pleasant yellowish shade, so it was called lemon, and […]

Pastel nutria

Nutria pastel breeds are specifically derived by direct crossing of black and golden nutria. Their hair is very beautiful. In its color it is similar to the color of mink pastel shade. […]

Silvery nutria

Silvery nutria are an incredibly beautiful breed. Their color is very unusual. The fur looks very luxurious. These animals are bred precisely because of their beautiful skins. The color of this very […]

Straw nutria

Having tamed one such animal as nutria and started to plant it for industrial purposes, a person eventually realized that it is possible not only to grow and breed a swamp beaver […]

Golden nutria

Nutria golden color in their time were brought from abroad. For the first time, their reproduction was carried out in 1960 in one of the livestock farms in the Kaliningrad region. Since […]

Brown exotic nutria

The usual color of nutria, which lives in natural conditions, is brownish-brown. This appearance is necessary to her in order to disguise herself from predators against the backdrop of a swamp or […]

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