Breeds of horses

Belgian Horse Breeds

Among the variety of breeds of horses that scientists have presented breeders to the world the most enduring, beautiful and suitable for any kind of work are considered the Belgian breeds of […]

Horse breed Haflinger

The horse has long been considered one of the noble animals, which are bred exclusively for consumer purposes: riding, sports, assistance in agricultural work. Horse breed haflinger, bred in Austria, near Tyrol […]

Kustanai breed of horses

The horses of the Kustanaic breed are widely known, first of all, in Russia and on the territory of the former Soviet Union countries, where they were bred in the early 30s […]

Kabardian breed of horses

Kabardian breed is considered the oldest of all known species. It was brought out about 3-2 thousand BC. in the Caucasus. Since that time, the Caucasian people have been constantly working on […]

English horse breeds

England is home to truly the most unique and best breeds of horses! The most famous among the breeds of English horses are the English thoroughbred horse and Shaire heavy-horse horses. We […]

Don breed of horses

Originally Russian Don horse – one of the oldest factory breeds, not inferior in importance to the famous Oryol trotter. But unlike the horse-derived imported breeds derived from horses, the Don horse […]

Breed of horses “Karachaevskaya”

The North Caucasus has always been famous for its good breeds of horses, most of which have lost their relevance today and are no longer being bred, but Karachayevskaya does not lose […]

Ukrainian horse breed of horses

The first actions on creation of stallions of the Ukrainian riding suit come in 1945. Initially, this breed was called “Horse Ukrainian Group”. The founder of the idea of creating these horses […]

Soviet heavy-horse breed of horses

The first goal that was set before the agricultural workers and breeders from the new Soviet government was to raise them from the ruins of agriculture with the almost complete absence of […]

Locai breed of horses

The native land of the locai breed is sunny Tajikistan. It appeared 3 centuries ago, in the XVII century from the usual, strong and enduring mountain ponies, which were brought by Uzbeks-lokaytsy. […]

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