Breeds of cows

Saler breed of cows

The Saler breed of cows, or as it is often called, the breed of salers, originates from the mountainous country of France, the village of Salers, where in the 19th century it […]

Kholmogory breed of cows

The species received this name from its homeland – the Kholmogory hills, which are located in the Arkhangelsk region. Prior to Peter I in this region, peasants bred an ordinary milk cow. […]

The breed of cows “Obrik”

This breed appeared more than 100 years ago in the southern regions of France. The name of the breed came from the name “Obak” of the Benedictine abbey, on the territory of […]

Jersey breed of cows

The Jersey cows are bred in England in order to obtain a large amount of milk. The breed was obtained as a result of the interbreeding of Norman and British cows with […]

Breed of cows “Ayrshire”

Aired the “Ayrshire” in Scotland, but the country today does not occupy a leading position on the number of livestock of this breed. The greatest distribution of cows was in Finland, the […]

Yorkshire breed of cows

Since ancient times, in small households, people have called a cow a wet-nurse. Many years have passed, but even now this name has not lost its relevance. Meat and dairy products constitute […]

Angler breed of cows

Angler (angelic) breed is a breed of dairy cows. Their homeland is the Angeln peninsula, located in the German province of Schleswig-Holstein. The origin of angels is taken from small red-brown cattle, […]

Simmental breed of cows

In our time, to meet the yard where cattle are bred is not so simple. The thing is that now it’s not a problem to get good meat. What could not be […]

Red Gorbatov breed of cows

The breed of cows “Krasnaya Gorbatovskaya” was artificially bred in the 1800s. in the Gorbatov Uyezd (now this is the Nizhny Novgorod region) by mating the local Priokskaya breed of livestock with […]

Brown breed of cows

For the breeding of livestock on small livestock farms are offered mainly breeds that combine the combined directions of productivity. The Schwick breed is one of the most widespread all over the […]

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