Breeds of chickens

Zagorskaya breed of chickens

Zagorskaya is considered a Russian breed of chickens, since it was bred in the same institute, which is located in the Moscow region. In addition, the breed is optimally adapted to the […]

Poltava breed of chickens

Origin of the breed Depending on the properties laid down by genetics, the breeds of chickens are divided into egg, meat, and decorative. The ancestors of the Poltava chicken breed were presented […]

Pushkin breed of chickens

Chickens in the household have always been the most common bird, which is not surprising. After all, they give not only valuable white meat, but also delicious eggs. For most residents of […]

Tsarskoselskaya breed of chickens

Among the poultry farmers, the most important breeds of meat-egg category. Simplicity in care and minimal costs of money and effort make such breeds especially popular. Such breeds include Tsarskoselskaya. Origin of […]

The breed of chickens “Maran”

In our time there are a lot of varieties of chickens. These are powerful broilers with chic plumage, and simple laying hens, and miniature, unusual breeds with dense feathering on legs and […]

The breed of hens “Cochin”

Every year our planet becomes more and more filled with people. Therefore, naturally, meat production should also grow in its volume. To this end, breeders are increasingly trying to bring out new […]

Dutch White-chilled breed of chickens

This breed is very old, its exact origin is not known. They are also called chickens with a hairdo, because the feathers are very evenly and originally decay, creating impressions of the […]

The breed of chicken “Welder”

Welder is a meat-egg breed of chickens. This breed was bred in Holland in the early 20th century. It arose thanks to the crossing of local and fighting hens. They were then […]

Chicken of the breed “Master Gray”

Chicken breeds Master Gray are also called Master Green. These two names characterize the gray color in the coloring of birds. Chickens are divorced for both egg production and meat production. A […]

The breed of chickens “Russian Crested”

The breed “Russian Crested” was excavated without intervention of genetic engineering, by the method of folk selection. Chickens are adapted to severe climatic conditions, as indicated by their dense plumage. The appearance […]

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