Breed quail

Quail in the apartment

In Japan, where for the first time domesticated wild common quail, there is a belief that a cell with quail, located in the apartment brings health, well-being and prosperity to the family. […]

Incubation of quails

An important fact from the biography of quails is that they are extremely sensitive to closely related inbreeding, i. e. crossing within the close relationship. It is interesting that, even in captivity, […]

Feeding quails

Quality timely nutrition is the key to success in breeding quails. Particular attention should be given to the quality of feed: it must be fresh, dry enough (friable), diverse (be of plant […]

Fattening quails for meat

For fattening quails for meat, both males and rejected females are selected after they have reached the month, as well as adult birds that have reached the age of 8 months and […]

How to choose a quail breed

For today there are three directions for breeding quails: meat, meat-egg, egg directions. And to all those people who have an interest in breeding quails, before making a choice in favor of […]

Than useful quail eggs

Quail eggs since ancient times were considered a curative product. And although in recent years this fact has been questioned by some dietitians, the authority of quail eggs has not faltered, has […]

Non-contagious quail diseases

Quails are prone to frequent occurrence of various non-communicable diseases. This is because these birds have high growth rates, and their body needs an increased amount of vitamins, microelements and amino acids […]

Feeders for quails

The main costly item in the breeding of quails is feed, so it is very important to spend it efficiently and according to purpose without unnecessary losses. This is achieved by choosing […]

Cages for quails

Speaking of cages for quail, first of all it is necessary to be defined in general with the conditions of the maintenance of this bird. Breeding quail is a very profitable enterprise, […]

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