Breed of rabbits “Pannon white”

Breed of rabbits “Pannon white”

Breed of rabbits Pannon white

Pannon white has a meat direction, and refers to the broiler species. The hybrid was bred in Hungary, by careful selection of animals for crossing. Breeders of the agricultural academy settled on such breeds as the white giant, Californian and New Zealand. Krolikovody, growing young for the tribe or for meat, had time to appreciate this breed. Soon after the appearance of the pannon, he gained tremendous popularity thanks to such indicators as quick weight gain, high meat yield, up to 60%, including the head, and his fine taste. Adult rabbits reach 5 kilograms, and slaughter is recommended at about three months of age

Exterior Description Externally, the pannon is distinguished by an elongated body with a small but proportionate head, light bones, with pronounced muscles, thin skin with a fluffy thick coat, comparatively small erect ears. Unlike many other breeds, it is difficult to lift a pannon into the air for a skin, since it is too tight against the body. The fur is completely snow-white, does not contain any other shades. The eyes are red, which corresponds to albinos

Conditions for the maintenance of rabbits are also bribed, relatively unpretentious, conditions for keeping pannon. He easily gets used to the diet and feeding regimen offered by the owner. The feed leaves no more than four kilograms, in terms of one kilogram of animal weight. With sufficient nutrition, rabbits gain forty-four or more per gram per day. The content also does not cause problems. Places do not require much, perfectly tolerates both hot and cold months. The content on the grid is possible, due to the strongly pronounced edge of the paws

Breeding Breeding is facilitated by early ripeness of females, characterized by quick readiness for fertilization, and the ability to commit up to seven quarls per year. These characteristics make pannon desirable on any rabbit farm. Each askroll brings, as a rule, from six to nine rabbits. Due to the presence of ten nipples, the uterus easily breeds ten or more rabbits, which is due to high milk indices. Their benevolence and concern for young animals allows them to insert into the nest other people’s cubs, which the females take as their relatives

The fertility of the queens is an extremely important criterion when choosing a breed for breeding, the pannons in this respect are extremely attractive. A very positive effect is obtained from crossing the pannon with other breeds. Young growth in this case comes out large and strong, taking from the pannon speed dial, weight gain and multiple susceptibility to diseases. I must say that pannon is not prone to pododermatitis

Pannones, like the bulk of albinos, provide significant savings to rabbit breeders. Against the background of other species, albinos stand out with their tranquility, which prevents them from spending energy on meaningless jogging and fights with neighbors. In this regard, the pannon requires a smaller amount of food for building muscle mass. It is much easier to get a fat layer.

Breed of rabbits “Pannon white”