Breed of hens “Bentamki”

Breed of hens “Bentamki”

Breed of hens Bentamki

To date, there are a huge number of species of chickens. Some breeds – meat, others – egg-bearing, one more – decorative. Absolutely all the owners want to see beautiful and useful chickens

Bentamki are one of the smallest chickens in the whole world. In the process of natural selection, this chicken has acquired only the best qualities. It is not known from where exactly and at what time it appeared

Bentamok rocks Bentamki come in several breeds: – Nanking; – peronogie; – Dutch white; – Dutch; – Paduan; – sibright; – Japanese; – black Hamburg

Nansky have an orange-yellow hue. At cocks the breast is black, and on the neck there is a dark carp. Black tail with large pigtails, single or rosy scallop

Peronogie – chickens with very much feathered legs. The color of the feathers is white, and the comb is single

Dutch – it reminds not a chicken, but some kind of fairy bird. They are very demanding and need constant care. Feathers very quickly become dirty, so they need to be bathed. In winter, chickens of this species are difficult to keep their head, because the crest can simply become an icicle

Characteristics of the bentamok Today, there is a huge variety among the bentamok. Growing them is very easy and simple. They do not require any special attention and care. For a year, a chicken can demolish up to about 100 eggs

Bentamki are thermophilic, so winter time should be provided with a good, dry and warm chicken coop. In severe frosts, chickens can not only freeze scallops, but also legs and earrings

If the chicken coop is very cold, bentamki will stop eating, start losing weight and in the end just die

Benthamki are very good hens. They can sit and grow not only their chicks, but also chickens of other breeds. This breed is simply irreplaceable in the event that rum they have only chickens which very badly sit down on the roost

Bentamki can easily sit in the nest for about 3 months and sit out more than one generation of chickens, ducklings and other birds. Under it is placed about 5-7 eggs

Benthamka eat as well as ordinary chickens. In their diet must be present vitamins, calcium, mixed fodder, grain, boiled eggs, cottage cheese

The weight of the bentamok is small. Nesushki weigh about 0, 5 kilograms, and the cocks are slightly larger. Delicate, juicy and very tasty meat like many gourmets. Growing birds is very profitable, because in spite of the fact that their weight is very small, they not only carry eggs with a weight of 30 to 45 grams, but also eat very little

Bentamka – very beautiful, small and exquisite bird, which is resistant to various diseases, but thermophilic

To date, many poultry farmers are trying to have in their farm a few small birds that will not only please their attractive and vivid appearance, but will also benefit and help to sit out several chicks of rare and exotic birds. For bentamkami easy to care, they do not need a lot of food and they are very calm and peaceful. No wonder they are popular all over the world, among many poultry farmers and exotic lovers, because the color of these chickens can be very different.

Breed of hens “Bentamki”