Breed of cows “Black motley”

Breed of cows “Black motley”

Black mottled breed was bred in the USSR in the 1960s. Soviet biologists crossed the common breed of cows with black-and-white Swiss and Ostfries breed

Several experiments failed. But in the late 1960s, biologists managed to bring out the black mottled breed

Cow’s appearance This breed is characterized by a somewhat elongated trunk compared to other breeds. Black motley cow combined the two best qualities of the Swedish breed: smooth wool and large udders

Breed of cows Black motley

In the USSR, this breed was bred in all regions quite actively, which led to the appearance of several subtypes of the cow

It is worth noting that the performance and quality of meat subtypes are no different from the main, the only difference is the other color. Classical breed is actively bred in Russia in the Urals and Siberia

In size, the black motley cow surpasses many of its counterparts. For example, bulls in a mature state can reach 1 ton in weight. Cows weigh half as much – about 400-500 kg

Breed of cows Black motley

Quality of milk and meat Black mottled breed in farmland gives a lot of milk. From one cow with proper care it is possible to achieve a high milk yield – about 4000-4500 liters per year

At home, the black motley cow gives even more milk: from 6000 to 7000 liters per year. It is worth noting that the high productivity of cows is at the expense of the fat content of milk. They give milk, the fat content of which does not exceed 4%

As for the quality of meat, the state standard found it satisfactory. From this it can be concluded that the black motley cow is more suitable for milking than for divorce for meat. The young generation of this species grows rather quickly

In a day bulls gain from 1.5 to 2 kg of weight, and females up to 1 kg. For one and a half year the cow reaches puberty at a weight of 400-440 kg. Bulls reach puberty at about the same age with a weight of 700-750 kg

Breed of cows Black motley

The article mentioned that this breed was not bred as meat, so the slaughter income from a cow is 50-60%. As we see the income of meat from one cow is small, so they are bred exclusively for collecting milk

Strengths and weaknesses of the black motley cow This species was bred in the USSR solely for the production of milk. The article said that one cow gives in a year more than 4000 liters of milk. Regarding the meat purpose of the species, it is not too suitable for slaughter

In addition to these qualities, the breed can also boast of other advantages:

    It has strong health and high resistance to various diseases. Black motley cow quickly adapts to the new living conditions. Low growth allows farmers to save on food for this species. In addition, the breed is unpretentious for eating. Gives a lot of milk.

The black motley cow has its drawbacks, which are difficult to describe as shortcomings. In our time, biologists are working hard to improve the species. They try to make them:

    Large sizes. Increase the amount of protein and fat in milk. Increase the annual income of milk. To level the species differences between the subtypes.

It is worth noting that with proper care the cow can give good milk yields and grow rapidly. There are cases when in the village of Ushakovo a local resident obtained from the cow an annual milk yield of 9,000 liters

Experts also impressed the size of the cow, when weighed weighed 684 kg. Thus, the modern black variegated cow – this is not the limit of the possibilities of the species, it will still be improved.

Breed of cows “Black motley”