Breed of chickens “Cornish”

Breed of chickens “Cornish”

Breed of chickens Cornish

Cornish is a species of Indian fighting hens. They are called her Cornish, because in this place they were withdrawn in the 1840s. This breed turned out by crossing old Old English, red Azil and Malay chickens

This breed is popular not only among ordinary people, but also on industrial farms where chickens are grown for meat. Cornish – meat breed of chickens

Characteristics Adult chickens have a mass of 3 – 3.3 kilograms, and cocks are slightly heavier – 3.5-4 kg. Chickens grow very fast and at the age of 7-8 weeks weigh 1.5-2 kilograms

Chickens, despite their heavy weight, can carry 130-150 brown eggs a year. The weight of each egg is between 56-60 grams

Chickens are indiscriminate in care and cultivation, and their productivity is very high. Meat is very delicate, tasty and good

Chickens grow very fast and gain weight, which allows them to grow quickly and without special difficulties

Description Cornish has such peculiarities of physique: – the head is wide and large; – The ears are small and red; – Yellow beak; – leaf-like comb; – the back is wide and at the same time long; – in the front part the body is slightly elevated; – strong and widely spaced legs; – chickens at the age of twenty have a yellow color

Cultivation and maintenance The Cornish breed is very often used today to breed new chicken meat breeds due to the fact that they pass the meat qualities genetically

Contain chickens can on the ground and in cages

In order to feed the hens, care should be taken so that the birds do not overweight and fat, as they are prone to obesity. In their diet must necessarily be corn, vitamins, a little sand, protein and feed

Due to short legs and huge weight, it is very difficult for birds to move around, so they move little and feel good in cages

The character of these birds is fighting, but despite this they can easily get along with other representatives of the coop. With proper care, the chickens’ productivity is 1.5-3 years

Cornish is a meat breed of chickens, which is appreciated by many breeders not only for their quality of meat, but also the possibility of crossing them with other species in order to obtain new meat breeds

For the cultivation of this breed, special attention should be paid to the cellular method of cultivation. Chickens move very little, so for them this kind of content is quite suitable, especially since it is so much easier to monitor the cleanliness and health of chickens

Chickens practically do not reproduce naturally, because they are hampered by their weight and short legs. To get the litter, you’ll have to use the incubator and lay eggs there. Of 100 eggs, an average of about 70 chickens hatched

Today the Cornish breed is popular all over the world. Thanks to the fact that chickens are easy to grow and comfortable to cross with other breeds to get new varieties of meat species. Chickens of this breed transmit genetically predisposition to a large weight.

Breed of chickens “Cornish”