Breed of chickens “Bielefelder”

Breed of chickens “Bielefelder”

Breed of chickens Bielefelder

Bilfilder – a breed of chickens, which was withdrawn in the early 70-ies of the twentieth century. These chickens, despite the fact that they were bred recently, have become popular and in demand. They are large and very beautiful. Petushkov from chickens can be easily distinguished in the first day. Petushki have ocher-yellow color, on the head a white speck, and on the back – bands of brown color. Chickens have a light brown color, they have dark brown stripes on their backs and also with a small, tiny speck on the head

The breed got its name from the place where it was created – the city of Bielefeld. It was derived from the Amrock, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Weizumeric rocks

Breed of chickens Bielefelder

Peculiarities of the breed The most important property of this breed is the definition of sex from the first days of life of the chicks. Adult chickens are still quite calm, so you should carefully monitor that they eat enough, because they will not fight for food and drive out others

The weight of adult chickens is quite large. Roosters can weigh up to 4.5 kilograms. Chickens gain up to 3.9 kilograms

In one year, a chicken can demolish approximately 220-230 brown eggs, weighing up to 65 grams. They start to swing when they reach 6-7 months of age

Birds are resistant to frost and low temperatures, when on a thermometer -15. Attractive appearance, interesting color, make these birds popular among people engaged in growing chickens

Characteristics of the breed Color Bilefelderskoy breed can be made in two versions – silver and golden. Their plumage is golden – or silvery-black-striped, which has an attractive appearance

Properties of birds: – the body has a cylindrical and slightly elongated shape; – tail is in relation to the body at an angle of 90 degrees; – Shoulders round and broad, they do not protrude; – wings of medium size, lie well and tightly; – tail consists of wide and long and medium sickles; – a broad chest a little forward; – the head is large, but it is proportional to the body; – Legs of yellow and medium size

In the case of marriage, chickens can have such shortcomings as: small and not expressed tummy, too small and narrow body, the back is round, or too short. The most serious flaws are the wrong color, the rooster – the absence of yellow color in the mantle, the presence in the wings of the white and brown in the tail

Adult birds have a stable color. Chicken more monophonic than cocks

The meat of these birds is very tasty and tender, except that this breed gives a lot of meat, they also carry a good number of eggs. If an ordinary chicken can carry 160-170 eggs, then bilefelders 220-230. this bird does not fly, they walk quietly and quietly around the yard and are in no hurry. Cultivating them is not difficult, they are easy to feed, hardy

Every day the bilefelder breed spreads and becomes popular due to its high productivity and the ability to immediately distinguish males from chickens.

Breed of chickens “Bielefelder”