Brazier of brick with their own hands

Brazier of brick with their own hands

One of the first preparations of meat is the frying of meat on fire. Still ancient people roasted themselves “a shish kebab” on a fire. Everyone who has a plot of land, whether it’s a dacha or a house, believes that the brazier is not only beautiful, but also functional

Having on its site a solid brazier, you do not have to squat, squeezing it. Every man can build his own brazier on his own plot

To build a brazier you need to follow five points:

1. Choose a location for the construction of the structure.

2. Pick up the drawing and dimensions of the brazier.

3. Prepare tools and materials for work.

4. Make an ideal foundation.

5. Make a brick laying.

Initially, you need to determine the place where the brazier will stand. The site where it will be built should be flat. The second important factor is smoke from the brazier, it should not interfere with not only you, but also your neighbors

The beginning of the construction of the brazier begins with the drawing. You need to decide on the width, length and height of the brazier. If desired, additional work surfaces can be attached to the grill

Brazier of brick with their own hands

In order for the brazier to stand for more than a decade, it is necessary to make a solid foundation. To do this, you need to make a foundation for the brazier. First, a foundation pit is made for the area of the proposed brazier, thirty centimeters deep. On the edges of the excavation make formwork. Pour the solution into the pit

To reduce the amount of solution add a stone or waste from the building brick. In order for the foundation to be strong it is necessary to use reinforcement when pouring the foundation. The main thing is that if your foundation is level, it will facilitate all further construction. The foundation for drying is left for two weeks

Brazier of brick with their own hands

Before you start laying out the first row on the foundation you need to lay waterproofing. Such material can serve as a roofing material. It needs to be put in two layers. To lay the barbecue, you need a solution. Make a mortar from one part of the cement, three parts of sand and a quarter of the lime

Lime must necessarily be taken away. In the process of mixing the solution with the addition of water, you should have a creamy mixture. Then we begin to lay out the ranks. Be sure to use the level so that the walls are level. Any deviation will lead to instability of the construction. The rows are stacked in checkerboard order. Laying begins from the corner, and then moving to the walls. After driving the walls to the desired height, you need to install a brazier

For this, the reinforcing bars must be laid on opposite walls. The base of the furnace lies on these rods. Such a base can be a pallet made of metal sheet. It is necessary to leave lateral gaps in the furnace area

You do not need to fill them with a solution. Such gaps will allow air to circulate in the chamber. Then you need a few more rows to put the bricks. In this case, you need to insert in the inner walls between the masonry of three rods on each side. Put corners on these cores. On such corners you can easily install a grid or put skewers

Many people, having built braziers from a brick, supplement it, decorating with forging from iron. Also near the barbecue you can finish the table of bricks. You can also make a canopy or gazebo nearby.

Brazier of brick with their own hands