Birdhouse with own hands

Birdhouse with own hands

Birdhouse with own hands

The birdhouse serves as a dwelling not only for starlings, as many might think, but for other birds. Such designs will attract a lot of birds and protect the garden and garden from various pests. The size of the house should be selected in accordance with the dimensions of the bird

Before construction, it is necessary to choose the right material, coniferous trees produce resin, so they are not suitable raw materials. Such building material as DSP can emit toxic substances that adversely affect the health of birds. It is very important to make a corrugated surface inside the birdhouse, this will help the bird to easily get out of the house

It is easy to make your own birdhouse, drawing can be done directly on the boards. It is necessary to produce seven elements to collect the structure. The width of the sides and the front / back are different. The following elements are required for collection:

    from the edging board two side walls are designed 15 cm wide; elements 30 × 20 cm are required for the front, back, cover; two square elements 15 by 15 cm to make the bottom of the birdhouse and the roof.

It is better to sign the details so that the assembly is fast. The standard birdhouse has a height of 30 cm. Do not make a bulky house, a large number of chicks are difficult to feed and such a birdhouse will not help keep the brood

Before assembling the design, wear gloves to avoid damaging your hands. First of all, we connect the facade of the structure with the side walls

Elements are fastened with nails. To proceed to the subsequent assembly, you need to check the strength of the fastener. If the structure is unsteady, then it is necessary to fix the elements additionally. To make the corners oval, you can hammer them with a beak

Birdhouse with own hands

The upper part of the structure must be removed, this is necessary for the further cleaning of the house. The roof must necessarily be made with a gap, the front part is better to make a protruding. This will protect the birdhouse from water ingress during precipitation. To securely secure the upper part, it is necessary to make a bushing

You can install a special mount, canopy or bolt. Such a technique will reliably close the roof, and if necessary, it will not be necessary to exert much effort to remove it. In the design, you can show your imagination and cover the birdhouse no worse than the roof of a house

Only it is necessary to take into account the features of the building material, the raw material should be only natural, without the addition of chemical reagents

Birdhouse with own hands

The final stage is the installation of the perch. Such a trifle is an indispensable element in the design and helps the bird to get into the house. Often, the birdhouses are left uncolored, but if desired they can be given a color

Staining is an important procedure, for birds it is the color that can become the defining link in the settlement. It is better to choose an inconspicuous natural shade, such as a soft green or natural brown. It is not necessary to make a birdhouse bright, it will protect birds from their enemies

Today, the birdhouse can be quickly made from materials at hand (an empty box of juice, a plastic bottle or cardboard). The main thing is to protect such a shelter of birds from direct sunlight and make the surface inside the structure a relief

An important task is to install a birdhouse, the efficiency of such a structure depends on the right place. Hang out a feather house at a height of at least 4 m, in cities it is better to place a birdhouse at least 5 m

The entrance must be deployed so that the wind does not blow out into the structure. It is better to firmly fix the product strictly vertically, otherwise the birds will not be located in such a dwelling.

Birdhouse with own hands