Bird feeders with their own hands

Bird feeders with their own hands

Bird feeders can be made from any materials in one day. Feeders are for ordinary birds, and such that are used in the cultivation of poultry

The first kind of feeders is made of light materials, they are hung mainly on trees. Such a trough is easy to make out of cardboard, plastic and other improvised means. Such feeders can be painted with paint of different colors, and decorated with various ornaments

Option one. It is necessary to take an iron jar. It can be a pot from under peas or a can of corn. When you open the jar the lid should be opened halfway and bent in half. The bent lid will not allow the feed to fall asleep and will serve the bird as a perch. The bank can be wrapped with a cloth or a cord from a burlap. Also to the bank attach the ropes, for which the feeder will be attached to the branches of the tree

Bird feeders with their own hands

The second option. You need to take a plastic jar or a bottle. In the jar from both sides with the help of scissors make holes. The holes must be made from opposite sides of the can. Then take the lid of the jar and make two through holes. In these holes we insert a fishing line or a string. The ends of the lace are fixed with a knot. Pour the food and twist the lid on the jar. The feeder is ready

The third option. Wooden feeders are the most popular and durable. We take a piece of plywood with a size of 300 × 240 × 3 centimeters. To him in the corners with the help of nails and a hammer we mount four posts 20 × 20 × 130 centimeters. We make the beads on the feeder with the help of racks, which we nail to the bottom of the feeder and to the racks. We connect the two posts with the upper posts of 20 × 20 × 300. To the crossbars we mount the roof rails with a size of 20 × 20 × 212 centimeters. We also attach a 20 × 20 × 390 connecting rail. From two sheets of 280 × 212 × 3 plywood we make the roofing. The trough can be varnished or painted

Feeders are not only for birds, but many craftsmen themselves make Feeders for poultry. Option one. It is necessary to take a polypropylene tube to it attach a connecting knee. The feeder is ready. Then the feeder is attached to the wall in the hen house. The principle of work is simple. The food is poured on top of the feed pan and closed with a lid. The food fills the entire tube and descends into the knee. The chickens will come up and peck the grain, which as it descends from the knee will again come from the pipe. Such feeders in the hen house can accommodate several

Bird feeders with their own hands

Option two. We take a one and a half meter PVC pipe and make a hole with a diameter of seventy millimeters along its entire length. This is necessary to access the chickens to the grain. Then on one side of the pipe we make a plug. On the second side, using a connecting elbow, we attach another meter pipe. Pipes should be connected at an angle of ninety degrees. The feeder is ready. It is installed in the henhouse on the floor. A vertical pipe is attached to the wall. Then the grain is covered in a tube and covered with a lid

The third option. The most common feeders are feeders made of wood. Such feeders are portable

In order to make a wooden feeder you will need:

1. Thick plywood or boards.

2. Nails and a hammer.

3. Saw a tree or a jig saw.

4. Roulette for measuring.

5. Pencil.

Having a drawing of feeding troughs and dimensions it is necessary to cut out all details from plywood or boards. Then the lower boards are nailed to the sideboards. From the boards we make inclined sides so that the grain does not spill out of the trough. The top walls are connected to each other by means of a bridge. This jumper will also serve immediately and handle.

Bird feeders with their own hands