Alpine multi-hull

The design of a light and compact alpine hive was first presented to the trial of Russian beekeepers Roger Delon. In the early 80’s, after the publication of drawings in magazines, he […]

Beehive Lounge

The prototype of horizontal sunbeds are beehives – decks. The bee nests in them are located in a horizontal position. The bodies of the sun beds have the form of rectangular boxes […]

Lime honey

Honey is one of the most valuable products of natural origin, possessing not only the most valuable taste, but also medicinal properties, due to which it is widely used in medicine for […]

Taste and medicinal properties of buckwheat honey

Honey is one of the first medicines for any colds, regardless of their complexity and duration. Buckwheat honey is of great benefit to the body, nectar for which bees are harvested on […]

How to store honey?

Honey is a product that can be stored for several years under optimal conditions in the room, therefore, wondering how to store honey, it should be noted that there are only two […]

Bicarbonate content of bees

It is carried out in any type of beehive: in multi-housing vertical type, Dada’s and sunbeds. In this case, one family contains 2 uterus. The hives are separated by a blind partition […]

Honeydew honey

Kiprej is a perennial plant better known as ivan-tea, narrow-leaved. Fireweed blooms in midsummer gentle lilac and pink flowers, gathered in the lush blossoms, flowering duration of 30-40 days, during which the […]

Bee yourself

In our time buying in the market and in the store of quality products is a pleasure not from cheap, modern owners of summer cottages and small houses in the village it […]

Therapeutic properties of honey

Lime, buckwheat, May – these are all varieties of everyone’s favorite and delicious product of wildlife – honey. Honey is produced by bees, for which they work for the whole spring and […]

Treatment with bee soup

Beespine – the bodies of dead bees, found their use even in medicine of ancient Greece. It was at that time that it was discovered for the first time that the bee […]

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