Assortment of apples “Jonagold”

Assortment of apples “Jonagold”

Assortment of apples Jonagold

The apple variety of Jonagold was obtained in the USA in 1943. For this, two apple varieties were crossed – Jonathan and Golden Delicious. After breeding, the new species did not interest American breeders; they no longer betrayed him. But, after the apples were brought to Europe and won there popularity, the interest of the USA in this sort again appeared. Now it is one of the most popular and famous types of apples around the world

What is a variety of Jonagold Applewood Jonagold grows quickly and reaches large sizes. Crown in the form of a dome with branches hanging down. Despite the fact that Jonagold is a winter variety, severe frosts are contraindicated to it

The apple tree of Jonagold is a triploid. This means that for pollination it needs at least two pollinators. The best apple trees for this role are the varieties Gloucester and Idared

The tree begins to bear fruit very quickly. Starting from the 3rd year of life, you can collect apples. The degree of harvest is high, from one tree you can collect up to 40, and sometimes up to 50 kg

Ripen fruit by September. To understand ripe apples or not, you can color. Harvest is necessary when the fruits have acquired a yellow-orange color with a pink blush. Full ripening of apples comes during storage. This falls on January month

The transportability of apples is quite high

The fruit itself of the variety is round-shaped, weighing up to 250 g. The skin is smooth, elastic. Flesh juicy, dense, sweet and sour

Apples are used not only for fresh consumption, but also for obtaining juices, purees, compotes, preserves. The grade of Jonagold is often used for the production of commercial products, dry powders used for baby food

Fruits are stored for a very long time. If they are in the refrigerator, the freshness and taste of apples will last almost to March-early April

The quality of apples is virtually independent of weather conditions. Despite the rainy or hot weather, the size of the harvest and the taste of the fruits will please

The variety of Jonagold is very popular and therefore its clones (kidney variations) have appeared. Such species include Arnica, Jonagored Supra, Jonica and others

People who control weight, do not worry about the caloric value of apples Jonagold, since they are not high-calorie and affect the body extremely positively

The apple of this variety is very pleasant to taste, well stored and does not require special care, so the love for this fetus grows every day.

Assortment of apples “Jonagold”