Assortment of apples “Delicious”

Assortment of apples “Delicious”

Assortment of apples Delicious

“Delicious” American autumn variety of apples, spread throughout Europe from the end of the XIX century. The history of the formation of a new variety began after the discovery in one of the American states of a special, resistant to drought, cold and disease, apple varieties

The apples of the new variety proved to be extremely tasty and aromatic, having immunity to various parasites and diseases, which is not characteristic for other varieties. Enterprising businessmen who realized all the benefits and benefits of owning trees that could bring such apples immediately bought the site with all the saplings growing on it and not only spread the culture, but also significantly improved the variety, creating to it a well-deserved positive reputation among gardeners around the world

Features Apple tree, belonging to the Delicious variety, is quite large, with a powerful well-developed trunk. The apple tree crown is dense, the branches are bent at the base, the tip is sharp. The tree needs constant works on the formation of the crown, which is conducive to abundant fruit formation. Fruiting is mixed, fruits can be formed both on thin twigs, and on thicker branches

The fruits are large, have an elongated shape, the skin is firm, thick, even rough. The color of apples at the initial stage of maturation is light green, later yellow. The flesh also has its own characteristics – at first it is light green, and after a long storage it becomes dark and becomes creamy or yellowish. The taste of the apple is very pleasant, the aroma is spicy, the pulp is juicy, but only until the moment of cutting or grinding the apple. After grinding the pulp become sweet and sweet to the taste, can give bitterness. Apples of this class contain dry substances, ascorbic and titrated acids

Fruiting later, the first fruits can appear on the apple tree not earlier than 9-10 years after planting. On average, one tree is able to give up to 160 kilograms of apples a year, but the fruiting differs from periodicity, which does not allow to determine with accuracy whether in the chosen year apples or wood will not bring the long-awaited harvest

Harvest of apples is harvested in autumn, usually the collection begins in late September and ends in early October. Apples are well preserved, when creating favorable conditions, the shelf life may exceed six months

Advantages The “Delicious” variety is the most common in Russia, as apples are characterized by an extraordinary taste and aroma, well stored and transported. Fruits of this variety are suitable for both fresh and fresh consumption. Especially good jam, cooked from apples Delicious. In addition, it is worth noting that trees of this variety are used in breeding activities for growing new and improving old, well-known apple varieties

Disadvantages The main drawback of this type of apples is its late ripeness, while the first fruits on the apple Deliciouss appear only by the end of the 9th year of the tree’s existence, other apple varieties have been fruit bearing for at least 4-5 years. Also, a significant drawback of Delishes is the lack of resistance to scab and powdery dew. It should also be noted that it is not possible to obtain a harvest from an apple tree of this variety every year

In addition, the presence of a large number of fruits, or insufficient moisture may cause a decrease in the size of the fruit, as well as a decrease in taste. It should be noted that non-observance of the temperature conditions during storage of apples may cause their rapid deterioration

Assortment of apples “Delicious”