Apple trees

Assortment of apples “Jonagold”

The apple variety of Jonagold was obtained in the USA in 1943. For this, two apple varieties were crossed – Jonathan and Golden Delicious. After breeding, the new species did not interest […]

Variety of apples “Borovinka”

Borovinka, also known as Kharlamovka, Duchess of Oldenburg and Bravina, is a sort of apples whose origin is not known for certain, since it is attributed to the centuries-old work of the […]

Variety of apples “Glory to the winners”

Apple tree grade “Glory to the winners” was withdrawn in 1928 in Ukraine and is the result of crossing the variety of “Macintosh” and “White Filling”. The apple tree is suitable for […]

Formation of the apple tree crown

Apple tree is a capricious tree, with a lack of light, crowded branches and excessive amounts of it, it starts to bloom poorly, the fruits become small, acidic and often spoil directly […]

Variety of apples “Antonovka”

One of the more popular varieties of apples is Antonovka. This variety was bred by the method of folk selection. Today this variety of apples is adapted for northern regions and easily […]

Variety of apples “Florina”

Apples are not just a pleasant taste of fruit, but also carry a storehouse of vitamins, microelements so necessary for the normal functioning of the body. One of the varieties of apples […]

Apple tree variety “Starkrimson”

A variety of Starkrimson apples was bred by scientists in America. This species is a mutation of the tree Starking Delicious. Until quite recently in the North Caucasus there were large gardens […]

Apple Red Delicious variety

Apples Red Delicious for the first time began to grow in America. This variety is a red clone of another species, namely Delicious. Later, members of the State Register approved this type […]

Golden Delicious variety of apples

“Golden delicious” is translated from English as “golden delicious” and therefore apples with this name uniquely have a wonderful taste and attractive appearance For the first time this variety was found in […]

Assortment of apples “Welsey”

One of the varieties of winter apples is the variety Welsey. Apples of this species ripen by October and, if properly stored, may not deteriorate until February, so fruits are most often […]

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