Apple tree variety “Starkrimson”

Apple tree variety “Starkrimson”

A variety of Starkrimson apples was bred by scientists in America. This species is a mutation of the tree Starking Delicious. Until quite recently in the North Caucasus there were large gardens where the fruits of the Starkrimson variety were grown. However, over time, apples have become less popular and in demand. Therefore, at the present time, plantings with these trees are infrequent. Now this variety can be seen in the Krasnodar Territory.

Apple tree variety Starkrimson


The Starkrimson tree is very small. The adult plant may be below the average height. The apple tree has a compact crown, a wide-pyramidal shape. The crown itself is quite rare, formed by branches that move away from the trunk at an acute angle. They have a ring. This is where the flowering takes place, and then the fruits appear.


Variety Starkrimson has thick shoots of dark brown color. On them you can see small lenticles and a rare pubescence. The leaves on these trees are of a dark green hue, much darker than that of the Delicious species. They are oblong slightly ovoid in shape. Their base is round, and the tip is extended upwards. The edges of the leaves are dentate-small-grained. The trunk of a tree, one year old, is painted brownish gray. At the same time there is a touch of blue tint.


The tree gives fruits of large size, but smaller specimens are also found. Apples are oblong and conical in appearance. Large fruits have ribbed in the transverse direction, and small ones are completely smooth. Apples of this kind have a light green tint, and the ripe fruit is painted in a dark red color with a purple podton throughout the surface. If the fetus grew on the sunny side, then it has a cherry color.

In Starkrimson apples, the skin is thick and thick, but it feels smooth to the touch. In addition, the fruit has a wax coating, due to this it is endowed with properties for a long time to be stored. The surface of the apple is dotted with small dots of pinkish hue. The peduncle of this species is of average thickness and length.

Apple tree variety Starkrimson

Flesh flesh in the unripe state has a light green color, and as it ripens, it changes to a light yellow hue. The apple has a strong aroma and a pronounced sweet and sour taste. Fruits are juicy.

Harvesting mainly takes place in early October or even in September. Apples have properties for a long time to be stored. Without a refrigerator, the fruits can lie until January. And in the cool, they will remain until the middle of spring. It is believed that the longer the fruits of a given variety lie, the better their taste becomes. However, there are also negative sides, during storage, apples can be damaged by impurities, which are bitter in taste.

Apples that grew in gardens located in the Krasnodar Territory have the following components:

– approximately 14.8% of dry matter;

– 0.22% titrated acids;

– contain sugar in an amount of 9.0-11.2%;

– for every 100 grams of product there are 145 milligrams of P-active substances;

– ascorbic acid is contained in the amount of 4.0-6.1 milligrams per 100 grams of the product.

This type of tree is fast-growing and has a high yield. Fruiting is observed already in the 2-3rd year. At the same time, the number of apples on the tree increases. However, when the harvest is overloaded, the size of the fruit may become smaller, and their taste will not change for the better. Apples on the tree hold well. Starkrimson feels great and fructifies in areas with a warm climate. This variety is sensitive to low temperatures and can freeze during the winter months. In addition, the plant does not like drought and can be infected with scab.

Apple tree variety “Starkrimson”