Apple apple variety “Red Chif”

Apple apple variety “Red Chif”

This culture belongs to the late winter variety. From the family of Delicious. His selection is cloning of the American variety of Red, which was popular in the past. This variety was introduced to people back in 1914

Such apple trees are very fast-growing and belong to the ringed kind of fruiting. After you plant the seedling of this tree, in three years it will be possible to try the first crop

In addition, the grown fruit can be stored for a long time, about eight months. Planting these apples can be compact. Since the crown is not sprawling, but has a compact appearance. Yes, and the growth is average. Gardeners planted seedlings of this variety on weak and medium growth for rootstocks

Drought and frost “Red Chif” is not bad. What’s good is that you can plant in any areas and on different soils, because apple trees are less demanding for these conditions

Apple apple variety Red Chif

Positive qualities of the variety

    It is common in many regions. The fruits of the tree have good properties. Also resistant to mechanical damage. There is no need to use special devices for storing fruits. Appearance is excellent. The wood of the apple tree is resistant to defeat by powdery mildew and bacterial burns. Resistance to winter is average.

All these advantages enable the plant to be popular among gardeners. But there are also small negative qualities:

    During the cultivation, adaptation is not high. Some diseases have a predisposition: for example, scab, rot, fecundity of the fetus.

But if you carry out prevention and properly care for trees, then this can be avoided

The value of the fruits “Red Chif” has great fruits, the weight of which is more than two hundred grams. Form they have in the form of a cone, but truncated on one side, slightly elongated. There are five hills at the top of the fruit. The color of the peel is green-yellow, as well as a large bright red tone throughout the surface

Inside the apple is light with a cream tint. The fruit itself is dense, juiciness of medium size. But the taste is excellent. Apples have a pronounced flavor and taste very sweet. The entire surface of the fruit is slightly covered with a wax coating

Planting the variety “Red Chif” and caring for it From the way you planted the tree correctly, its further health and fruiting will depend. Plant this species in autumn and spring. The disembarkation scheme is four to one and a half meters. Of course, in advance it is necessary to prepare the soil

It is not bad to choose such a site for planting, where there is a lot of light, this will give the fruits more brightness. Pollards can be pollinated by Elstar and Golden Delicious. Therefore, it is better to plant nearby

Apple trees should be watered regularly, near the trunks and next to the soil should be loosened. For the winter, be sure to mulch. Fertilizing fertilizers can also be performed. Cut the crown of a tree in the form of a spindle. Can be given the appearance of a bush or fruit wall

Prevention of diseases is carried out annually. In spring, before the flowering of trees, they are sprinkled with a special solution to create a protection culture. To enhance the immunity of apple trees, they must be properly cultivated

Apple apple variety Red Chif

As already mentioned, the fruits have maturity in late September, when they can be torn from the tree. And it is better to eat them from December. When the fruits lie off a little and will be in the juice

This kind of apples enjoys great consumer demand, so they can be sold on the market, and get a good profit from this. Basically, this fruit is used fresh. “Red Chif” can safely be transported, it does not deteriorate, and it is stored in a cool place until the spring very well.

Apple apple variety “Red Chif”