Akhal-Teke horses breed

Akhal-Teke horses breed

The Akhalteke horse breed has been known since the beginning of the 4th century BC. The ancestors of the breed are considered the oldest breeds of horses, on which the Persians and ancient Romans made long voyages

For the first time the Akhalteke horse appeared on the territory of modern Turkmenistan and since then has been the pride of local horse breeders. Since there was no other confirmation of the thoroughbredness of the Akhal-Teke horses, ancient breeders led the pedigree of every thoroughbred horse from birth to the death of its latest colt

Akhal Teke horses breed

Main characteristics of the breed Akhalteke horses are distinguished by their high growth, rather dry constitution, bulging forehead, humpbacked head and elongated widely spaced ears. The height of the horse at the withers is 1.7 meters. The trunk is elongated, the muscles of the thighs are extremely developed

The eyes of the horses are slanting, which gives the Asian origin of the horse. The skin of horses is thin, in some places from beneath it appear blood vessels. The horse has practically no hair, some horses are practically devoid of manes; in others, it is practically invisible. The absence of a mane is considered a distinctive feature of the Akhal-Teke breed, no other horse of this kind has

Akhal Teke horses breed

The color of the horse’s skin depends on the genes, the most common are horse bay, black and red. Special value are horses of solo, karak and brown suits. Occasionally there are horses of isabella suits, which have an even greater value

It is worth noting that horses of all colors are distinguished by a silvery or golden shade of wool, which during movement creates around the horse a certain luminous aura

Contents and care It is undeniable that the Akhal-Teke horse is not designed for harnessing and using it as an assistant in the household. The horse is designed for long transitions, it is extremely hardy and obedient. Some specimens are able to overcome distances of more than two hundred kilometers in just a day. Naturally, such unusual horses require special maintenance and care

The breed is distinguished by its unpretentiousness and love of freedom. The best thing is that the horse feels in an open paddock where there is a possibility to constantly be in motion. Horses like to develop high speed

Akhal-Teke horse is devoted to its owner, which is not all animals can boast of. Such devotion was worked out through centuries of training, so that a horse left without a master would never allow a stranger to come to him

Horses are able to stay without water for a long time, feeding on one fodder. Water is not an essential necessity for a horse, since the animal consumes it in minimum quantities

The usual food for horses is hay and cereals, horses do not refuse from vegetables, fruits, sticks and fresh grass. Constantly moving horses need a lot of vitamins and nutrients. The ideal conditions for keeping these horses – a large space and plenty of food

Horses are very tolerant of extreme heat, but they can also be grown in temperate climates, provided there are spacious stables and a sufficient fodder base

Akhalteke’s horse is extremely beautiful, it has a slender body, strong legs of a real runner and complaisant temper, it should only be grown as a running or exhibition specimen. When breeding, purebred crossing is used, which does not allow losing breed qualities.

Akhal-Teke horses breed