Aginskaya sheep breed

Aginskaya sheep breed

Aginskaya sheep breed

History of the breed belong to the category of semi-coarse-wooled sheep. These animals were bred in the Russian Federation on the territory of the Trans-Baikal Territory. The breed was created in 1991. with the help of a complex factory crossing of sheep with a fine-wooled Trans-Baikal breed with sheep of Kazakh sheep of semi-grubby-haired type and Kuchuturovian coarse-wool sheep

The work on breeding the Aginskoye rock was completed by 2006. In 2007 the presentation of sheep of a new breed took place

The need for such a breed arose due to economic factors, such as a reduction in the price of wool. In addition, in Transbaikalia there was a large number of unused grazing with natural vegetation. Aginskie sheep are perfectly adapted to the natural conditions and climate of the steppe part of the Transbaikal region. They use the pasture vegetation of the steppe zone to feed as much as possible, which makes it possible at low cost to receive not bad wool, high quality sheepskin and not expensive lamb

Breeding characteristics Aginskaya breed is classified as a semi-coarse-wool breed of sheep with a meat-beef orientation. These animals are superbly adapted to a mild climate and year-round boneless content on the pasture. Animals belonging to the breed have large sizes, good fatness and strong constitutional constitution

They are hardy, mobile and unpretentious. This is due to their ability to overcome considerable distances, to find edible vegetation even on stony slopes and due to accumulated fatty fat it is easy to tolerate insufficient quantity of food and water

Productivity Weight of rams of Agin breed is 92-95 kg., Ewes 55-58 kg. By one-year age, young repair sheep can weigh 62-66kg. The yield of meat in these sheep reaches 50%. The wool of the sheep belonging to Aginskaya breed has a white color and is very qualitative. The length of the fibers is about 15cm. 83% of wool of these animals consists of a downy fiber

Fleece uniform, without inclusions of dead hair. On average, the wool of Agin sheep was cut from 1.3 to 2.9 kg. The yield of treated wool is up to 63%. The skin of these sheep is thin, but despite this it is firm. Sheepskin keeps hair well and is used to produce fur velor. The benign sheepskin, it turns out, from the young at the age of 6.1-6.7 months

Reproduction Aginskaya breed is characterized by high growth rates. Yarki reach puberty at 7-9 months. In breeding they are allowed from 18 months. age. Lambs are born with a rather large weight (from 3.2 to 4.3 kg.) Viable, which accounts for a good percentage of the survival rate of young animals in this breed

Sheep have a good maternal instinct and not a bad milk, which contributes to the rapid growth rate of the young. By 4 months. lambs of the Agin breed can weigh 38-40 kg

Aginskaya breed, one of the youngest breeds in modern sheep breeding, but it has already proved itself excellent due to its good productivity and excellent in quality and composition of wool.

Aginskaya sheep breed