Adlerskaya silver breed of chickens

Adlerskaya silver breed of chickens

Adlerskaya silver breed of chickens

The Alderskoe breed was bred in the Krasnodar Territory in Adler, in the south of Russia. It was bred from other breeds of chickens-Jurlovskaya, Pervomaiskaya, Russian White and New Hampshire

Features of chickens Adler chickens reach sexual maturity at the age of six months. If feeding birds well and keeping them in normal conditions, then the first eggs can appear and in five months

Eggs can weigh from 55 to seventy grams

This breed is meat-egg direction. Weight in adult chickens can be 2.7-2.8 kilograms, and for cocks – 3.5-4 kg. Despite the great weight, the Adler breed chicken can carry 180-170 eggs per year, and sometimes even 200. The advantage of chickens of this breed is that they can easily be kept not one but three and even four years old

If you keep Adler chickens for eggs, you should monitor their nutrition so that they do not gain excess weight, because the more excess weight – the less chickens will be carried

Chickens have a yellow color, they are unpretentious in food, so they can give different feeds. Grow very quickly, you should give them water, add to it useful vitamins and remedies for diseases. The first time is best to feed the feed, which is all harmoniously balanced

In the process of cultivation, this breed will eat absolutely all the feed, as they are unpretentious to eat. They can be easily and quickly transported from place to place – the bird adapts well to any conditions and temperature changes

The hens very badly incubate the eggs, therefore, for the breeding of this breed, it is necessary to use the incubator, but since the eggs have good fertilization, it is not difficult to withdraw the young

These chickens are calm, at times can be shy if they see a stranger. They can be kept not only in cages, but also in cages

Adlerskaya silver breed of chickens

Signs of the breed Adler breeders have such signs of belonging to the breed: – the head is of medium size, and it is completely proportional to the trunk; – The beak has a curved shape, a yellow tint; – the comb is of medium size, it is leaf-shaped, it also has 5 identical denticles; – reddish-copper eyes, convex and large; – a face of a smooth and red hue; – Earrings have a rounded shape, red color and smooth texture; – medium-sized neck; – the body is deep, and also wide and long; – The tummy is wide; – Muscled lower leg; – the plumage is evenly and tightly fitting; – the tail has a rounded shape with short pigtails

Chickens have the same characteristics as roosters, but they are more elegant, and the comb is small and standing straight

Adler breed is bred by many poultry lovers. It is appreciated for good egg production and for excellent meat. Despite the fact that chickens very rarely become hens, they are easy to take care of, the Adler breed breeds in all conditions and tolerates transportation

These chickens are carried only in those places that are intended for this, so they will greatly facilitate the life of the owners and will teach other birds to sweep in the nests.

Adlerskaya silver breed of chickens